puzzle-pieces The Voice of Small Business in America (VSBA) supports candidates for national, state, and local public offices to enhance our business climate and support our agenda for consistent and stable economic growth. VSBA is committed to helping 8(a), Veteran, and Woman-owned Small Businesses to manage, grow, and protect their business ventures.


Our Vision is to become the World’s LEADING Small Business Social Media Group – creating innovative and useful solutions for growing small businesses for a better economic environment worldwide.

How does VSBA work for you?

VSBA is just one of hundreds of representative groups vying for the attention of lawmakers and candidates. In recent years, our Washington office staff has made great progress in reaching out to members of Congress and their staffs, educating them on the needs of 8(a), Veteran, and Woman-owned small business and securing their support.

Our team follows a strategic plan that concentrates on those lawmakers who are members of the important Small Business and Commerce committees. VSBA is a valuable resource that gives our constituents the opportunity to see key Washington lawmakers at their campaign events and discuss our positions on important issues.

In conjunction with our lobbying and Call-to-Action grass-roots efforts, VSBA raises the visibility of our constituent’s views, interests and concerns among influential lawmakers. With increased visibility, VSBA has a greater opportunity to educate lawmakers on issues important to 8(a), Veteran, and Woman-owned small business and a greater opportunity to impact what happens in Washington, DC.

How does VSBA use its money?

Politicians cannot use official congressional resources (i.e. your tax dollars) towards their campaigns, so they rely on money contributed by individuals and PACs for campaign funds. PAC contributions are used to pay for campaign staff, commercials, signs, handouts etc. All campaign money is heavily regulated and policed by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The importance of a strong VSBA

Along with the size of our membership base and grassroots activities, politicians also often equate our PAC participation as a measure of our members’ interest in politics and an indicator of how active our members will be when it comes time to vote.

When it comes to politics, far and away the greatest advantage that large corporations, and other political opponents have had over small-business owners and entrepreneurs is the amount of money they contribute to political campaigns.

It is important that VSBA have the resources available to help counter the message of the large corporations. By combining the individual contributions of VSBA, we are able to create increased awareness of your concerns and ensure that they get the attention they rightly deserve.


For more information, contact bizevangelist@vsbaonline.com

Rudy Sutherland

VSBA Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Mr. Chairman,

    By providing the platform for the many of us who looked for a champion, who found and supported Barack Obama, you and 8-PAC ought be accorded the praise you are due. I am only one, but out of one come millions.

    Let me be the beginning, then, where we give honor where honor is due.

    The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

    Henry T. Wilfong Jr., MBA, CPA
    President, NASDB
    Current or Former Positions:
    Three-time Appointee of Governor and President Ronald Reagan
    Pasadena, CA City Councilman
    Member, Bush-Cheney Transition Team-SBA Advisory Group
    Member, Department of Energy, Small Business Advisory Committee
    Associate Administrator for Minority Small Business/Capital Ownership Development, SBA
    Member, National Council on Policy Review-Black Capitalism
    Member, Presidential Task Force on International Private Enterprise
    Member, California Council on Criminal Justice
    Member, NASA Advisory Council
    Chair, NASA Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee
    Co-Chair , Unity Network and Black Republicans for Obama/(BRO)
    Chair, The WILFONG Hour

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