Help VSBA fight against Dun & Bradstreet for Small Business

The “Voice of Small Business in America (VSBA)” is raising funds in order to continue our fight to stop Dun & Bradstreet from forcing small businesses to purchase their products and services via predatory and misleading marketing practices. See Petition: . This affects all of us; if you have not already, at some point you will be contacted by DNB with an ‘offer you can’t refuse’, see Nov. 2011 Blog post: .

At this point, it is critical that we press Congress and the relative policy offices to modify the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) with language to unequivocally prohibit DNB from holding small businesses success hostage by requiring us to purchase the right to manage our own business information. However, as you are aware; ‘Change’ on Capitol Hill takes time, persistence, and money. This effort requires us to consistently engage congressional committees and policy oversight offices including: The Financial Services Committee, Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee; Office of Federal Procurement Policy; and, the GSA Office of Government-wide Policy among others.

Donate $20 or more today and help us eliminate the Dun & Bradstreet monopoly. Corporate Sponsors, ALJUCAR & Co. | and Anvil-Incus, LTD |, will match all donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

For more information and to make your donation, goto:  Thank you… One Voice…

-VSBA  Founder, Rudy Sutherland

About Us: Voice of Small Business in America (VSBA):

For 5-years now, VSBA has worked and communicated with commercial and government small business contractors – online via discussion threads and offline via phone and email – to successfully navigate the industries and federal programs they are part of. Effectively, we have filled the gaps in service that our tax dollars have already paid for form agencies like the SBA. In addition, we have assisted in the collection of debts owed by larger firms to Smalls when our members lacked the resources to obtain outside assistance. Finally, we advocate for our Small Business members to have large contract opportunities unbundled and for sole-source opportunities to be increased for the 8(a), 8(m), and SDVOSB socio-economic programs.


This donation is not tax deductible either as a charitable contribution or as a business expense under section 162e of the Internal Revenue Code, due to lobbying and political activities engaged in by VSBA.


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