Transparency & Accountability: Consolidating the Business Development profession for Small Business Government Contractors | Certified Business Development Consult™

“To our VSBA membership: If they’re not CBDC™ certified, do business with them at your own risk.”

In Washington DC and around the country, hiring independent business development and marketing personnel has become an exercise in fear for small business owners. From exorbitant service pricing to promises made that cannot remotely be kept – small business owners, particularly those new to government procurement, are both confused and unsure about whom they can truly get assistance from. How do we know? – VSBA gets more complaints monthly from our members being duped by business development and marketing professionals than any other subject-matter.

To resolve this issue, VSBA has formed the certifying body for the Certified Business Development Consult™. Our CBDC™ certification process confirms your past performance success and commitment to the highest ethical standards. More importantly, it gives the Small Business gov’t contractor a single point of accountability and recourse for services promised and not rendered.


BASIC for consultants with a minimum of 3 up to 9 years of Business Development consulting experience as independent or internal consultants with five satisfactory clients’ evaluations.

EXPERIENCED for consultants with 10 or more years as independent or internal consultants and otherwise meeting the Basic requirements.

MANAGEMENT for high level managers with 20 or more years’ experience with at least 3 years of consulting with clients and accountability for successful completion of projects involving Business Development consultants and otherwise meeting requirements of the Basic track.


Submit a CBDC™ Application with supporting documentation to VSBA, including three written engagement summaries and provide contact information for five or six clients who will be contacted to verify performance.


The process can take as little as one month, depending on how quickly your references are submitted and client evaluations conducted.


Your certification fee is determined by your VSBA member status. VSBA awards the CBDC™ to members and non-members. There is no requirement for membership in any professional association or to attend any specific course to apply for the CBDC™. VSBA member rates will apply only if you are in good standing at the time you submit payment. If you join VSBA after being awarded the CBDC mark, member rates will be applicable in the next calendar year.

Initial Certification Application and Assessment


– Member $350.00

– Non-member $550.00

Annual CBDC™ charge (prorated first year)

– Member $395.00

– Non-member $550.00

Triennial Certification Renewal (an assessment of your continuing professional development)

– Member $150.00

– Non-member $250.00


Once certified, you and your firm will be listed in our Certified Business Development Consult™ Sub-group where our group membership of more than 7000 small business gov’t contractors will have access to contact and contract with you. You and your firm will also be listed in our VSBA Preferred Vendor List, sent out annually and published for download on our website. Finally, you will be able to include the Certified Business Development Consult™ logo on your marketing collateral to provide externally validated credibility to your professionalism.

Send your request for payment instructions and a Certified Business Development Consult™ application to:

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