VSBA Editorial – Is History repeating itself?

By Rudy Sutherland

The current macro-economic environment and the way President Obamas’ administration is dealing with it is eerily like when Franklin Delano Roosevelt served as President from March 1933 to April 1945. What is quite striking is that the Republican Party is responding now just as it did (literally) during that timeframe (read the history) with claims and talking-points of ever expanding government, class warfare, etc., etc.

Here’s the rub – the country went into a 2nd recession after the great depression and Roosevelt had to lie to the American public in order for the US to enter WWII against Hitler in order to create jobs. It is widely thought that without WWII, Roosevelt’s tenure would have been on the whole a failure. Moreover, President Roosevelt had three full terms to get the country out that debacle and racked up significant debt to do so – he also alienated the entire commercial class.

President Obama has none of these advantages, but all of the disadvantages ^ plus hyper-speed communication and 24 hour news-cycles to insure his administration can’t pull the wool over the American collective eye. Remember, President Bush took the war option off the table with Iraq; America is now as gun-shy about war as we were in the 30’s and 40’s. So, if you think the crap you’re hearing on cable-TV about the stock market expanding is going to help the unemployed; remember – corporations don’t create new jobs – small business does.

What does this all mean? In my view, the President and his administration are not doing anything bold or new – anyone with a library close by or an internet connection can see that their entire playbook has been lifted from FDR’s tenure in office. It’s sad to me – because, as valuable as the sheepskin is that they possess, it really demonstrates that there are no entrepreneur minded individuals in the current administration… and America at-large is suffering because of it. For the sake of our children, we need real Change – but not that proposed by either party right now – all of which is short-sighted and irresponsible; we need an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ with fresh ideation to bring us out of this abyss.

Only problem is, that type of individual would only be a fool to go into national politics. Yet I remain hopeful – I’ll be Winston Churchill to your Herbert Hoover any day. If any in our group has the gumption to be that person, please step-up; now more than ever, your Country needs you.

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