Which of you entrepreneurs is the Jeremy Lin of Small Business?

It’s a great story and testament to what perseverance and hard work can do for you.

Last night (FEB 10, 2012), given the opportunity to shine with the New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere (the NBA D-League) to out-play (out-perform) Kobe Bryant in the country’s biggest market by scoring 38 points.

This – after going undrafted, getting waived twice, going to the D-League four times, and being basically a 15th guy on every roster.

It’s a great story and testament to what perseverance and hard work can do for you.

So which of you is ready to play on the big stage when your opportunity comes to shine? …cause it most certainly will. Are you ready? Who of you believes enough in your firm, despite your current challenges getting or keeping a federal contract; despite the current anemic spend by gov’t agencies this fiscal year; and, despite the level of competition for so few contract opportunities?

Whoever you are, I want to work with you; because business like sports is a ‘contact’ activity that requires tenacity, persistence, and belief in yourself and what you do (the way you do it) when no one else does.

By the way, you ask what is it that Jeremy has that’s so special? It’s that to him, it’s not all about him. In fact, it’s not about him at all. He’s the anti-Kobe. He takes what he’s given and plays his role, and he does it magnificently.

What about you, can you think of the bigger picture for your firm? Can you be a transformational leader for your firm; ready to make bold decisions that may be tactically ridiculed but strategically brilliant? If you are, and are ready to prove it; call me – because you are the type of and ‘select few’ entrepreneurs that I created this Group to find.

Rudy Sutherland


One Voice…


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