Contributed by Mr. Hank Wilfong

First, let us realize that The Golden Era at NASA, is gone, not likely to return. But, then, the total “denial of government responsibility” is also gone. Government is responsible for equitable involvement of all Americans, including the socially and economically disadvantaged business owners. One of the realities is that we are a country of law abiders.

We are also a Capitalistic country, which abides by certain “rules of economics”. We have been approached several times, recently, with the issues of “keeping jobs in the United States by stopping “outsourcing of jobs overseas”. These folk have gotten enchanted with “needing more manufacturing jobs” over here. Many of these same folk argue for, keeping “government jobs” (In-sourcing) rather than “contracting out” to small businesses in the private sector. But, there are certain realities that they ought face.

“Division of duties” is a strong principle of Capitalism. If American workers will agree to work at the same rates that foreign workers will work, then, bring the work back to America. The simple truth is our workers seem to have simply priced themselves out of some jobs. They could follow the jobs, we suppose. But, they should not expect business owners to pay exorbitant prices that they can get much lower, somewhere else.

As for building government, or keeping it at the same size, rather than building up the private sector-that doesn’t sit well with us either. We want our privately owned businesses to grow and prosper. Having to “compete” with the U.S. government for work is not something that we enjoy or approve of. That does not comport well with free enterprise.

The simple matter for me is the National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses (NASDB) has not a single manufacturer, anymore. The kind of work some did many years ago, has gone overseas. However, NASDB has hundreds of “Service Companies” with hundreds of jobs whose clients are manufacturing companies. In addition, our IT firms “develop” some products which might be loosely classified as “manufacturing”.

The fact is that WE do the high-end jobs, with the profit-making capabilities, while the “low-end” manufacturing jobs are done overseas. So, let us not fall in love with these “names” of what we do. We try to use our “advanced technological” edge to make a profit, on high-paying jobs. The lower paying jobs, thus, go somewhere else.

That’s called “Capitalism”. And it has to do with “segregation of duties”- or something like that.

Long live Capitalism, and profit making…


Mr. Wilfong is the President of the National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses (NASDB) 

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Thank you Rudy for “recognizing”. I am looking forward to our working together to cause Change. You’ve established a venue that will help greatly in what we’re trying to get done.

    A luta continua, (the struggle continues),


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