2-Part Information Series – Doing Business in Afghanistan

Due Diligence & Risk Management for Small Business Government Contractors
Host: Rudy Sutherland

Most US Small Businesses in the Construction & Engineering disciplines are leery of doing business in the middle-east because they must not only manage sometimes unfamiliar commercial, political, and legal environments in these countries but must also concurrently maintain compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. In addition, there are concerns with registering the business in Afghanistan, to ensure compliance with local laws and customs. This series is designed to ally those concerns and give confidence in expanding into this challenging but opportunistic geography to build capacity.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Dec. 21st | Part I – Five (5) important legal regimes: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; Money Laundering Control Act; U.S. Economic Sanctions; U.S. Export Controls; & Antiboycott Rules.


  • Dec 22nd | Part II – Four (4) primary relationships: Customer; Partner; Third-Party

Representatives; & Subcontractors

About our Sponsor: ALJUCAR & Co. mission is to guide Construction & Engineering US Small Businesses & Joint Ventures through Afghanistan’s complex regulatory environment and assist them with all aspects of establishing and maintaining their business operations in the region. Read more @ http://www.aljucar.com


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