Open Letter to VSBA Members: Adhering to ‘Direct Sales’ fundamentals are more important to Smalls now than ever before…

Friday, December 02, 2011

Dear Membership,
In light of the calls and emails that I have been getting from our Members regarding the lack of direction that would allow for sound strategic planning right now, I am compelled to respond openly. Whether you know the budget status of an agency, or whether your contract is on the chopping block or being delayed – you must keep your bearing and remain disciplined.
“In these times of economic uncertainty w/the Federal Gov’t, adhering to ‘Direct Sales’ fundamentals are more important to Smalls now than ever before…”
The key right now is positioning and being poised for the close. – [Positioning] – have the right contract vehicle(s) within the right agency(s) for your firm – and – [Poise] – continue building and fortifying relationships with agency personnel through your sales reps, your long-term prospects for the future will remain positive regardless of what happens in the short-term.
If you haven’t done so yet, make the time to read the VSBA Blog post on ‘selling to the federal gov’t’ in the below post @
Finally, follow the money.
Right now, we are poised for a significant uptick in OCONUS contract activity for 2012 – but you need to get your intelligence and logistic houses in order ASAP to take advantage. This is not a time for panic or allowing the pressure of uncertainty to overwhelm you; this is a time to demonstrate your executive acumen and stability for your peers and subordinates that are watching and taking ques from you… because they are watching.
But lets clear the air here: to those of you who fit the bill, let me restate for formal clarity; I will only invest in those firms that want to help themselves – I neither serve up nor entertain ‘pity parties‘ or ‘excuse gatherings‘. If that is what you’re looking for – call someone else. I don’t suffer the weak lightly.
 – Rudy Sutherland, Founder
The Voice of Small Business in America

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