‘Who are the real hypocrites here…

So, Mr. Cain allegedly ‘attempted’ to cheat on his wife and family with several White-women through the means of (no less an atrocity) than sexual harassment. If true, he is most certainly a hypocrite (family values advocate, preacher, etc., etc.) – and definitely not suited to be President (history, and Bill Clinton, shows us that it is better protocol to cheat on your wife “after” you have made it to the oval office).

However, further analysis demonstrates a more disturbing trend of issues here…

Besides the fact that the liberal media has all but crucified this “uppity Black-man who had the audacity to leave the liberal Democratic plantation” (yeah, I said it – and most of ya’ll [Black, White, & everything in between] know it’s true even if you’re too afraid to say so), why does it also matter to the ‘sensationalist’ liberal media what race the women he allegedly harassed are? Isn’t harassment still ‘harassment’? Would it be more ‘morally’ acceptable if these women were of a different hue? Anyway, I thought America was ‘post-racial’ since President Obama got into the oval office…

Furthermore, given the opaqueness in the definition of sexual harassment, I would argue that most men AND women with upper-management experience have sexual[ly] harassed (at least verbally) a subordinate (if the perception of the harassed person is what matters) simply by virtue of what has become acceptable behavior within our American culture; the caricature of sex as ‘sexual object’ in and of itself. And, ‘oh yeah, by the way’; how did we get this conditioning? You guessed it, the ‘sensationalist’ liberal media – so, ultimately who are the real hypocrites here?

Meanwhile, in other less important news – “Two people [were] shot behind [a] post office in Canyon Country, Southern California”…

– Rudy Sutherland


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