“Micro-Business is the Answer!”

Introducing ‘The Micro-Business in America (MBA) Incubator Group’

As we have been saying through ‘the Voice of Small Business in America Group’ for more than 3-years now, “Micro-Business is the Answer!”
According to the most recent census data 79% of all firms in the US have no payroll, representing the self employed. another 17% employ less than 10 people, truly small, perhaps micro businesses.  That means that 4% of all firms in the US have more than 10 employees. Thus, the 4% are the firms that are likely to lead to the most jobs, have the highest potential for growth get the lions share of support from the SBA, but – Q: where is the innovation  happening? A focused effort on strengthening this sector may lead to sustainable ventures, ventures that could lead to growth and hiring…imagine if 96% of the firms in the US hired 1 person…
This is where our Mission starts…  “to assist 79%+ Small & Micro-Business that have ‘zero’ employees with justifying, obtaining, and sustaining at least ‘one’ employee.”
We invite all Micro-Business owners and Entrepreneurs who have ‘zero’ employees to join this Group. We also invite firms that currently have 5 or more employees to join this Group and share their experience and knowledge with their smaller brethren through discussion threads and media sharing. In this way, we maintain our mantra of ‘each one, teach one’. Goto:  http://linkd.in/mba-incubator
This Group is a feeder Group to the ‘Voice of Small Business in America Discussion Group’ @ http://on.fb.me/the-voice-of-small-business
Thank you, and Welcome!
/s/ Rudy Sutherland
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
The Voice of Small Business in America
NOTE: Marketing to our membership is prohibited without certification and reference check. Request a Preferred Vendor Application from BizEvangelist@VSBAonline.com.

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