Fight for your Contract! Introducing ‘Government Contractor Central (GCC) © – ‘The Small Business Pages’© on Facebook by VSBA


As all of you know, there has been a major slowdown in government contractor revenue growth because of significant budget reductions. A special note was the muting of the typical fiscal year-end spending surge by federal agencies for 2010-11; and a significant amount of unobligated 2011 budget money – which was very unusual.

With presidential and congressional elections next year, as well as unfinished work on the 2012 spending bills – and the Budget Control Act of 2011; it will probably be 18 to 24 months before we have a good understanding of the budget levels in this new spending cycle. Nevertheless, Small Businesses still need to increase Brand Awareness in order to compete for an ever more anemic pool of contract opportunities.

Given this context, our goal is to help our VSBA membership to be more efficient in their marketing efforts without sacrificing ‘impact’ in building solid sales-pipelines.

The use of Web 2.0 tools and social media can significantly enhance your Small Businesses’ ability to communicate with the federal, state, and local government agencies about its mission. They can also assist you with marketing to the major prime suppliers of these same agencies.


Government procurement personnel require specific information to make purchase decisions. The current method used by Small Businesses to market their capability to government agencies is generally as follows:

  1. Prepare a Marketing Plan
  2. Setup a Company Website
  3. Setup your company profile in CCR
  4. Setup your company profile in ORCA
  5. Develop a Capability Statement (CS)/Briefing
  6. Develop Line-Card (products-only)
  7. Develop an eMarketing Brochure
  8. Prepare a Prospect List/Sales Pipeline
  9. Implement the Marketing Plan
  10. Contact, Agency Small Business Liaison (SBLs) and Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBUs)

Current challenges with these mediums are as follows:

  1. Market differentiation – developing a consistent Branding message is virtually impossible;
  2. CCR – maintains a lifeless generic presentation of company information;
  3. Company Websites – inconsistent presentations make it very unlikely that Customers/COs will take the time to review all Brand messaging;
  4. PDF CS/Line-Card – version control challenges and static presentation; and
  5. eMarketing Brochure/Capability Briefing – large files sent via email may be blocked since many agencies limit the size of email messages they can receive


To resolve the above outlined problem-set and help Small-Business Government Contractors adapt social media to their marketing strategies and business processes, The Voice of Small Business in America (VSBA) has created ‘Government Contractor Central (GCC) © – Custom Pages’ on Facebook.

‘The Small Business Pages’© on Facebook provide a dynamic 3-for-1 value by virtually eliminating the need for the legacy CS/Briefing, Line-Card, and eMarketing Brochure while providing your firms the opportunity to present its capability.

Please see the ‘Sample Capability Statement’ link @ to get a better idea of how your firms’ information will be presented and read the ‘Info’ page for detail on how this tool will heighten your brand awareness with Contracting Officers.

Don’t be left behind.


–          Rudy Sutherland

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

The Voice of Small Business in America


P.S. Make sure to check out the “All New” VSBA platform on Facebook! Now, you can get to all of our media content from one place… One Voice…


  1. Rudy

    Great job on identifying most of the core needs small businesses need to consider. The truth is business owners need help typically when they cannot afford it. It is important for small business owners to identify key resources and partner with those resources early on. I congratulate you on this important work and encourage your readers to engage with you and your thought process. Small business needs to be heard and supported!

    Karl Cureton
    The National Minority Technology Council

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