8mC-JV: The Premier Woman-owned small business Joint Venture


Looking for a reliable, experienced multi-disciplined ED/WOSB firm to subcontract work too? Look no further than the 8(m) Consortium Joint Venture. Upload your requirement or cape statement @ http://8mc-jv.com .


So, just what is the 8(m) Consortium Joint Venture?

Good question.


Using a shared services back-office model to scale marketing, finance, administration, operations, and human resources; the 8(m) Consortium Joint Venture (8mC-JV) leverages the disparate past performance and collective capacity of its members to competitively pursue opportunities that are both SBA 8(m) set-aside as well as full & open at the federal procurement level.


Our primary goal is to create new and lucrative revenue streams together through cross promotion of expertise; increased geographic foot-print; and, creation of new and innovative products and services – to grow our member businesses strategically. Our members have capability and past performance in the following diverse and complementary disciplines and business sectors:


Accounting • Architect • Construction • Editing • Education • Engineering • Graphic Design • Information Technology • Legal • Marketing • Organizational Leadership • Program Management • Quality Management • Staffing • Statistical Analysis • Transportation • Travel Management • Waste Management


In addition, our program portfolio management team has many years of experience in crafting collaborative strategies to help teams of business owners, at various sizes and scales – to achieve their goals through innovative joint ventures. And, although governance normally follows equity, we did not ask our members who contributed assets to the joint venture to give up control of those assets. In the 8mC-JV, shared governance is the prevalent element. Furthermore, the 8mC-JV is structured with flexibility to allow joint venture member firms to participate in projects and contract opportunities according to their individual capability and availability.




1)      The Teaming templates are now available for download by firms (large & small) looking for an 8(m) Certified teaming partner on Federal opportunities that fit within the capability parameters of the 8mC-JV membership.


2)      Under the ‘Partners’ drop-down; prospective subcontractors can now upload their capability statements for review; and federal agency personnel can upload RFQ, RFI, and RFP offerings to the 8mC-JV membership for response. Phase II development will involve expanding the content under the first layer of links under the ‘Services’ drop-down.


So what are we doing next? We plan to begin publishing a whitepaper series, restart taping our podcast series “For Women Only” on Blog-talk Radio, aggressively advertising and marketing our capability to friends within the federal agency community – as well as with our major prime contractor relationships.


So, if you are interested in working with us, need support on a current contract, or are interested in becoming a member of the 8mC-JV (you must have a capability not possessed by our current membership) upload your Capability Statement @ http://www.8mc-jv.com/index.php/partners.


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