Update: Suspected ANC 8(a) Prostitution Ring busted

In a highly anticipated interim rule change published in the Federal Register, the Federal Acquisition Regulation Councils determined that contracts in excess of $20 million issued to companies in the 8(a) small business development program now must include written justification and approval by a senior agency leader. The approval would then be made public.

See link: http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2011/2011-5554.htm

Ostensibly, the rule is designed to prevent Alaskan Native Corporations (ANCs) from passing most of the work on big-budget contracts through to large subcontractors.

Please look-back at our stated goals for 2010; with this rule, VSBA has effectively accomplished 2 of its three goals – parity & 8(a) fairness in competition. The 3rd, an increase in agency goals as a % for all groups is still in the works.

Although we certainly cannot take credit for these accomplishments; we did contribute constructively to the conversation. It is amazing what simply talking to folks (without pomp & circumstance) can, over time, accomplish.

One Voice…


  1. Jane Doe said:

    Ridiculous, sensationalist headline for this story. It makes me not want to read this blog any longer.

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