Corporate Management vs. Small Business Management

Recent experiences have prompted me to write the following, as I have concerns about the way some small business owners may manage the growth of their business. Many of the bad habits that permeate corporate America, and many government agencies, can and do devastate the operational efficiency of a small business; where efficiency and accountability is mission critical….

First, you can not manage your small business by committee and expect to gain operational efficiency. Many of you realized early on in your corporate careers that shared decision making would help you stay off of the chopping block long enough to collect a pension. That ideation won’t work with your small business. You must make tough decisions, sometimes without any support from your hired management team. This is the price of your independence and freedom.

Secondly, If you do delegate tasks, make sure that you have single points of accountability at all times. Again, unlike corporate America, you must be able to hold individuals (not groups) accountable for key tasks that need to be accomplished. Finally, stay away from hiring friends to work for you, unless the economic discount that normally accompanies such an arrangement is absolutely necessary.

In summary, please be mindful of the fact that a successful corporate or government manager does not necessarily equate to a successful small business owner, and the tactics you used to cya in the former may devastate your prospects of success in the later.

– Rudy Sutherland

Small Business Architect


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