to Veterans, 8(a), and; Women-owned businesses – Be Aware: GSA Application Services is a FRAUD!

Get the word out, GSA Application Services (a Florida based robo-call firm) is a scam.

Several VSBA members have been duped; DON’T GIVE THESE FOLKS YOUR MONEY! The website is:

Be advised that you will receive robo-calls from an “813” prefix phone number selling GSA application services – DO NOT entertain this company’s sales pitch.

If they continue to call you, after you have requested them to cease and desist, email us @ –

As spokesperson for Small Businesses across America, I am committed to making sure that these scam companies are stopped dead in their tracks.


– Rudy Sutherland

Small Business Evangelist & Architect

  1. Scotty said:

    They have now many more names:
    GSA Tampa
    GSA Greeneville
    GSA Pittsburgh
    GSA Dallas
    Target GSA
    Creative Concept Group

    Worst thing is that they were allowed to have a booth (under Federal Verification) at the MACDILLSDVOSB Conference and EXPO. They are being investigated by the State Attorney’s Office but are still free to scam more Disabled Vets out of money. What a shame!

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