to Veterans, 8(a), and; Women-owned businesses – Be Aware: GSA Application Services is a FRAUD!

Get the word out, GSA Application Services (a Florida based robo-call firm) is a scam.

Several VSBA members have been duped; DON’T GIVE THESE FOLKS YOUR MONEY! The website is:

Be advised that you will receive robo-calls from an “813” prefix phone number selling GSA application services – DO NOT entertain this company’s sales pitch.

If they continue to call you, after you have requested them to cease and desist, email us @ –

As spokesperson for Small Businesses across America, I am committed to making sure that these scam companies are stopped dead in their tracks.


– Rudy Sutherland

Small Business Evangelist & Architect

  1. sharon roberts-jones said:

    gsa application services aka gsa 1000 and gsa preview is a complete scam! they took my $6500 and never did the work. the florida attorney general is investigating them. please contact the florida’s ag at to provide them complete details of how you were scammed:
    Bob Mahlburg
    Financial Investigator
    Florida Attorney General
    Economic Crimes Division
    3507 East Frontage Road, Suite 325
    Tampa, FL 33607
    Fax 813-281-5515

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