The Alaskan Native 8(a)s are restless…

This post is brought to you by VSBA member, Trina Payton, President of ABN Technologies |

“U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri says she wants to strip Alaska Native corporations [aka SUPER 8(a) s] of the unprecedented edge they now enjoy in obtaining federal contracts worth billions of dollars… A Senate subcommittee hearing and investigation found that almost 95 percent of corporation employees are not shareholders… The summary said shareholders have averaged about $615 in benefits out of the more than $23 billion in federal contracts to ANCs over the past nine years.”

Basically, what this means is that the Alaskan Native people have been getting pimped and raided by outside corporate interests for a long time – to the detriment of regular 8(a) firms that are mostly minority owned.

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  1. Rudy,

    I would like more information about alaska 8(a) firms we just lost a bid, when we were low bidder, to one of these firms. It was indicated that they brought best value!

    What special privilegedes do they have to win contracts? could you point me to the area to recieve more information. I have listened to you broadcast and they hit the point right on. We stand behind you to build in our effort for equality in the workplace! Is it too late when I click on link it says article is no longer available Thank You

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