to the Glenn Beck crowd… Why don’t you just say what you really want to which is that you take offense to a Black Man being in the Whitehouse?

In full disclosure, I am a Black Man, a Serviced Disabled Veteran, an Entrepreneur, and an unapologetic Capitalist.

President Obama may not be the Capitalist that I am, and I don’t agree with many of his policies; but he is certainly not a Socialist. He is simply playing a bad hand badly. Moreover, I didn’t hear any of you red-neck types pillaging President Bush when he started the economic mess we are now in – no, cause to do so would be to point a finger back at yourself.

Respect the Office of the President, whether you like who is in it or not – that is a fundamental of our Military and should be for you Civilians.

America is a Democracy, one nation under God – One God! And God didn’t create religion, Man did.

And by the way, like President Hussein Obama, I am a steadfast Christian… with Old Testament tendencies.

Stop the ignorance, One Voice…

– Rudy Sutherland

  1. David said:

    Rudy, time to clean your ears. Full disclosure, I’m a white guy (as if it really matters), fully employed at the top of my field (in fact, thanks to the economy, my job now makes more money than I ever made previously) and I’m absolutely in disagreement with President Obama’s policies and what he’s done so far. I’m more concerned with Congress, though, and that’s what this election is about-Congress. If you didn’t hear me criticizing Bush during his presidency, and his congress for their spending habits, you weren’t paying attention. And for the record, I would probably be against Hillary’s policies if she was president. It’s time for President Obama to MAN UP and take responsibility for playing the hand he was dealt. The excuses aren’t helping anyone. The economy sucks, and he’s not doing anything to help those who need jobs. By the way, it’s kinda racist for you to be calling me a red-neck. Also for the record, I’m a conservative, not a Republican. America is a Republic, not a democracy. God created everything, including religion.
    Based on his very public attendance record at any religious institution, Obama is not a steadfast Christian, maybe a nominal one.
    Despite the rhetoric, Obama is a (so-far) failed president. I pray for his success (we never want our government to fail, despite what it sounds like), but I shake my head at where he places his emphasis.

    For the vast majority of us, it has nothing to do with his skin color, it’s his ideology.

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