Part II of the Small Business Chittlin’ Circuit is behind schedule, but we’re working on it…

As I stated when we started this series, we did not and do not expect complicity by all of the Houston based private sector organizations peddling there wares to the Small Business community. Mainly because; the more ignorant Small Businesses are about these organizations, the greater the probability that they will hand over there precious cash and time resources.

To be clear, this is not a witch hunt, we are simply seeking to inform and empower small business owners and help them to better manage their resources. Indeed, this is an activity that should have been performed long ago …

In this spirit, we this week have sent notice to the following Houston based organizations requesting to inspect their tax-exempt organization’s tax documents, as defined in IRC 6104(d), Regs. 301.6104(d)-1 and IRC 6104(e) as in effect prior to the 1998 Act, (please click link for detail). These documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual information returns (e.g., Form 990) – for the last three years;
  • Exempt status application materials; and
  • Notice of status under section 527(i)

The teeth in this request is, if we do not receive response from these organization, we will file Form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form, with the IRS in due course – and they could be penalized or lose there 501 status for not being responsive.

My recommendation to all of my clients and small business owners in general, before joining any Small Business support organization, request copies of these documents and read them. You will learn more about the organization and its management than any marketing and advertising material they put out.

  1. National Association of Minority Contractors | Tracey Hawthorne, Interim – Executive director
  2. Associated General Contractors – Houston Chapter | Jerry Nevlud, President & CEO
  3. Associated Builders and Contractors – Houston Chapter | RUSSELL HAMLEY, President
  4. Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance | Susan Repka, Executive Director
  5. Houston Contractor’s Association | Jeff Nielsen, Executive Vice President
  6. Women Contractors Association | Valerie Delafosse, Executive Director
  7. Texas Business Alliance | Jeff Boney, Founder & CEO
  8. The All American Mandatory Solution Project (AAMSP), Council Member Jarvis Johnson City of Houston | Dr. Kevin Simms

Upon receipt of these documents, we will publish them here on VSBA Online for your review.

– Rudy Sutherland

Serial Entrepreneur & Small Business Expert


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