Boutique Strategic consulting firm offers Innovative Back Office Solution to aspiring Government Contractors

Partner… Capture… Grow! – Contract Capture Management Express Service®

Press Release July 15, 2010 // ALJUCAR & Co. // Continental United States

Contact: Rudy Sutherland | | 202.540.8178

The Contract Capture Management Express Service® introduced today, from ALJUCAR & Co., a boutique strategic consulting & program management firm, a well-needed relief for small-businesses who aspire to do business with the Federal Government. It offers current and future clients, in Construction, Engineering, Supply-Chain, Logistics, and Project/Program Management the rock-solid outsourced support they need to continue growing their businesses.

“The day-to-day grind of developing opportunity capture strategies, sales pipeline management, and proposal development can wear out a small business owner trying to cut his/her teeth in the federal space, and it often takes him or her completely away from being able to consult with prospective and current clients, market the business and meet with Contracting Officers and their technical representatives,” said Rudy Sutherland, Managing Principal of ALJUCAR & Co. “One of the major benefits of our Capture Management Express Services is that it gives our Client management team, including their in-house business development team, infinite more time than they currently have to grow their businesses.”

In addition to Contract Capture Strategy development, the Contract Capture Management Express Service® is an ideal revenue generator for 1 to 10 person small businesses. By outsourcing the Capture Management function, 1 to 10 person shops can more easily focus their attention on their core competency and customer consultation.

“Everyone wins with the Contract Capture Management Express Service®,” added Sutherland, who began providing this service to his clients four years ago. “Small businesses get a full team of professionals handling their contract capture strategy for growth so they can focus on business operations. They can work on their business while we work on growing their business.”

The following key functions are offered as part of the Contract Capture Management Express Service®


  • Ensure marketing, advertising, publicity and promotions are in concert with Client business development activities
  • DCAA Audit Compliance
  • Help establish & achieve Client objectives for the business growth
  • Manage Federal opportunity pursuit and capture
  • Implement a customer assessment process
  • Identify and qualify specific Federal business opportunities
  • Facilitate & develop key teaming agreements and alliances
  • Support the client proposal library evolution
  • Develop and maintain lessons learned repository
  • Where needed, help refine the internal business development processes
  • Identify and qualify assigned business opportunities focused on targeted Federal Agencies
  • Develop strong relationships with senior Client staff and other business development personnel to Develop key business development documents including Request for Information responses, tailored capabilities briefings, white papers, business contact records, capture plans, and past performance inputs

NoteALJUCAR & Co. is the marketing name for ALJUCAR, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates. 2010 ALJUCAR, LLC. All rights reserved.

Partner… Capture… Grow! – Contract Capture Management Express Service®

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