We Small Business owners are a powerful Voice…

There are many people, groups, and organizations that seek to keep Small Business owners separated and at odds with each other due to  Race, Gender, or Social indifference. This is fundamentally UN-American and borders Socialism.

Many of these people and groups masquerade as Small Business Support personnel and organizations; yet, many of them have never ran a business or been challenged with making payroll – in essence, they prostitute Small Business owners for a paycheck. Please note that if this is you, in due time, we will sort you out.

But, let me say that the promise of America can only be achieved by Small Business owners standing together and refusing to be separated by “consumer” tactics perpetrated by synthetic pimps. To be clear, as a Small Business owner; your ONLY true competitor is the Free-Market of Capitalism.

With One Voice, American Small Business can compete head-to-head with any country and get our economy back to where it should be.

I implore all of you, who seek to keep Small Business owners separated to your profit, to join us or get out of the way – we will not be pimped any longer.

One Voice…

– Rudy Sutherland, | vsba@aljucar.com

Serial Entrepreneur & Small Business Expert


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