ALJUCAR and Co., 2010 – 2011 ARRA Contract Capture Plan



When the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed earlier this year, the stimulus funding became that sparkle of hope in the darkness of difficult financial times for many small businesses.

For quite a while, we at ALJUCAR & Co. did not see much in the way of Recovery Act money flowing to small businesses, as departments of various states and individual programs were just beginning to apply for grants, make sense of the federal guidelines on how these grants could be used and then waiting for the approval process.

ALJUCAR & Co. is just beginning to see the result of this funding from the federal government and we have developed our strategic direction accordingly.


To develop strong relationships with other Firms whose expertise complements our own.


  1. To participate in, and profit from, government contracts that would normally be too large for our Firms to secure on our own.
  2. Enable our Firms to gain first-hand experience on projects we wouldn’t ordinarily see, which will expand our skill base.


ALJUCAR & Co., in most cases, will be legally responsible for the overall contracts we pursue and will therefore take the lead in securing the contract and managing its performance – “Program & Performance Management”. We typically use teaming agreements with subcontractors when we lack the expertise or capacity to perform specific portions of the projects we pursue. We will generally choose subcontractors and structure teaming agreements before we submit a specific proposal — based upon the fundamentals of the deal. We do not maintain “Standing Agreements”. Further, we include the teaming agreement as part of our proposals as a competitive advantage.

In some cases, we will recruit a “Big” to serve as the prime in a teaming agreement, and we will simply manage the overall deal structure. In many case, we do not offer unique expertise “on” the project; but, rather knowledge “of” the project, the political landscape and the contracting officers.

When we find the right partner or partners e.g., those with complimentary management and communication styles, we will execute a Confidentiality/Nondisclosure agreement before exchanging any proprietary data and begin the process of negotiating and drafting a comprehensive teaming agreement.


If your firm is interested in teaming on opportunities that are captured by ALJUCAR & Co., please forward your Capability Statement and 2 Past Performance References to Your information will be maintained in the strictest of confidence.

Rudy Sutherland, Principal


ABOUT US: ALJUCAR & Co., a subsidiary of ALJUCAR, LLC, is a boutique, multi-discipline strategic consulting & program management firm | | +1 (202) 540.8178

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  1. Hank Wilfong Jr. said:


    I sent this out to my main distribution. Now. let’s see how many respond. I’ve already had several ask me questions. I’ve referred them to you, for direct response.


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