8(a) promulgation and growth: The Wilfong Hour – Part III


And so we NOW implore those corporate beings, large and small, who seek to support institutions with worthy missions… support the Wilfong Hour. It is time that we celebrate the legacy of Mr. Wilfong by broadening the audience of his idea.”

Since its inaugural airing on June 18, 2008, the Wilfong Hour has become a bastion of thought circulation for small business owners, government official, and what we call “flies on the wall” who simply want to hear but not be known. The discussions have become more pointed and direct – while maintaining the discipline of being the only 90 minute hour in existence.

Plain and simply, the Wilfong Hour is where the supply and demand curves meet between government and small business deliberation and reflection. At no time has this fact been more evident than Monday, July 20, 2009. There is never one aspect deep enough to exhaust the contents of a real idea and Wilfong knows this, it is as if he has always known this – it is the secret to his patience.

We discussed the real question of whether the recent GAO ruling would continue to have legs given the poignant OMB declaration regarding the same; we discussed the ignorance of most 8(a) firms on the subject of 8(d); and, we discussed the growing rally around Wilfong’s current ideation aspect, “Clarity to achieve Parity”. These are all terms and propositions of the leading idea – 8(a) promulgation and growth.

You see, although no one term or proposition can serve to define this idea; and of course one representation of it can be more just and exact than another – when an idea is very complex, it is allowable, for the sake of convenience, to consider its distinct aspects as if separate ideas… But the leading idea still is.

This is the genius of Hank Wilfong; the proliferation of an idea in digestible chunks. He has been feeding us a balanced diet of cerebral produce for more than 30 years. Although he uses many utensils, he has recently allowed for the use of one more – this new fangled communication apparatus that is the Wilfong Hour.

The Wilfong Hour facilitates the continued development of the 8(a) idea, not like an investigation worked out on paper (e.g., the “Select Few” issuance utensil he has used for decades) in which each successive advance is a pure evolution from a foregoing; but it allows for the 8(a) idea to be carried on through and by means of communities of small business owners and government leaders; and it employs their minds as its instruments, and depends upon them while it uses them…

But now it must expand… the Hour and the 8(a) idea have become fused.

Whatever be the risk of corruption from intercourse with the world outside of the parameters of current, such a risk must be embraced and encountered if this great 8(a) idea is duly to be understood, and much more if it is to be fully exhibited.

And so we NOW implore those corporate beings, large and small, who seek to support institutions with worthy missions… support the Wilfong Hour. It is time that we celebrate the legacy of Mr. Wilfong by broadening the audience of his idea.

This is the call to action, Join us.



About the Subject Matter, Mr. Hank Wilfong –  Mr. Wilfong is an editorial writer for the 8-PAC Eagle. Mr. Wilfong is one of the most prolific and impassioned independent political minds working today. The President of the National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses (NASDB), he is a charismatic and articulate speaker, not afraid to use the vernacular that sparked a movement by disadvantaged small business some 30+ years ago. Hank is a former Appointee of Governor and President Ronald Reagan; Member, Bush-Cheney Transition Team-Small Business Advisory Group; and, Co-Chair, Obama Unity Committee/Black Republicans for Obama.


EVERY MONDAY | – 1PM EST–12 NOON CST  ~ Dial-in Number: (218) 339-2626 (The Participant Access Code is: 408191#)

  1. Hank Wilfong Jr. said:


    I believe you have captured the essence of ME, and what I have tried to do and be. I hope I have actually been as you’ve described. I know that is how I hoped it would be perceived.

    I shall re-read these “Issuances” you have written. Then, I will try to write something cohesive that will do justice to the way you’ve described me.

    Damn…I sure sound great!!!!!


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