The 8(a) program, a first principle of Small Business in America, is making a comeback… thanks to Hank Wilfong – Part II


On October 31, 2008, in ISSUE STATEMENT NO. 3892, Wilfong said:

“We at NASDB (his home chuich for the movement) have been out here a long time now, and during all that time we’ve never shirked our responsibility.  We’ve at the same time never backed off thrashing folk for their failure to be accountable, and to live up to their responsibilities.  The way to stop us from thrashing you is to stop doing wrong”.

Then, he went back into the Wilfong Archives and dug out a piece he wrote back on August 8, 1997…

“In my Issue Statement No. 304, I took issue with the recent management of the [8(a)] program.  Now I take aim at you 8 (a) participants.  I suspect, though, that when all is said and done, the real fault/responsibility will rest with program management. Those who are relatively powerless, comparatively “disadvantaged”, do not have ultimate control over what happens to/with them. However, they can often do better than they do.  The current 8(a) situation, I believe is one of those cases.”

As much as Wilfong loves his program, the 8(a) program; it’s not a blind love. It’s passionate, but not blind.

He has told many 8(a) firms that they shouldn’t be in the program, and many SBA management that they simply didn’t get it.

Wilfong is one of us and one of them, simultaneously; a Frankenstein of sorts. By necessity, he is a walking oxymoron.

Indeed, I am going somewhere with this…

From the time he gave the “Thrashing” as he called it in ISSUE STATEMENT NO. 3892 about the responsibility of 8(a) firms, it became apparent to me that this Brother was not just a linguist of many business and political dialects; he had become a master of his passion, of his craft – and he ate his own cooking.

Now don’t sleep on this next statement; before the President, who is now, became President – Wilfong knew what he MIGHT do for 8(a). It’s still unfolding, but on July 10, 2009, it began.

But, I’m gettin’ ahead myself.

I need to connect the dots for you first – which is what I am gonna to do over the next several parts to come.

To appreciate what this Brother has done, and what he is doing for 8(a), YOU need to know what you don’t now know. I’ll sprinkle in nuggets from his issuances, the ones I have anyway, so you can take in the fullness of his body of work.

White, Black, Yellow – you need to hear this.

Let me take my time…


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