The 8(a) program, a first principle of Small Business in America, is making a comeback… thanks to Hank Wilfong – Part I



And so… again and again, great truths and principles have sometimes been known and acknowledged for a course of years; but, whether from feebleness of intellectual power in the recipients, or external circumstances of an accidental kind, they have not been turned to account – not on their own accord that is. It took faith and devotion on the part of the purveyor to actualize and institutionalize these doctrines.

The Chinese are said to have known of the properties of the magnet from time immemorial, and to have used it for land expeditions, yet not at sea. Again, the ancients knew of the principle that water finds its own level, but seem to have made little application of their knowledge. And, Aristotle was familiar with the principle of induction; yet it was left for Bacon to develop it into an experimental philosophy.

Let me take my time…

The sun in the spring-time will have to shine many days before he is able to melt the frost, open the soil and bring out the leaves; yet he shines out from the first notwithstanding, though he makes his power felt but gradually. It is one in the same sun, through his influence day by day becomes greater…

And so in the struggle for equality in commerce it is Hank Wilfong… at one and the same from the 60’s to now, while most know not of and may have never acknowledged his works; and yet, in spite of scanty acknowledgement – he has maintained faith and devotion to actualizing a first principle of Small Business in America.

I ask you; have you any intention to doubt that Mr. Wilfong should be acknowledged for his contribution to the conversation? Indeed, the intellectual ideas that sprout today cannot compete in effectiveness with the experience of Mr. Wilfong and the concrete facts that are the constitution of his almost daily written issuances to a “Select Few”.

But, there is a reason that I postulate this; right here, right now…

The principle, the mind-child spawned of Mr. Wilfong, has within its membership and alumni male and female, military veteran and private citizen, Black and White; and every other race and creed that is represented within the US citizenry.


Let me take my time…


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