The New Normal: Profit vs. Political Motive – we ere to Profit


Since posting the below facts in regards to the plight of Black-male owned business attempting to do business in leadership disciplines with the Houston Metropolitan (METRO) Transit Authority, we have received many direct responses from various constituents and constituency representatives of women-owned, veteran owned, and majority owned businesses. Some outside conversators offering discrete, but subtle support; while others offer heated disdain for the implicative notion of the stated facts.

 We will honor our long-standing policy of discretion; however, we do feel it necessary to ask those who feel outrage at our proxy statements to take a deep breath and calm down.

 The numbers don’t lie.

 But let’s distill it down even further; 8-PAC has a history of siding with the tenets of capitalism over socialistic banter at every turn. Our carefully selected posts and editorials are here for all to see. From the establishment of the 8-PAC discussion group to the creation and production of the Wilfong Hour; all along, our mantra has been the connection of small business through conversation.

 However, we find it interesting that some within our ranks would now question our motive. It seems that as long as we only discuss the general categories of general small business, women, and veterans all is fine; however, when we peel back the onion further to expose a disproportionally affected group – the walk-back begins.

 Well, let me clear the noise; our motive is purely centered on profit. We are a firebrand for those firms that are functionally operating on the brink of bankruptcy to become extraordinary candidates to drive future prosperity… they just happen to be Black-male owned businesses.

 Is that cool?

 Where the numbers show that veterans and woman are strategically being buoyed to containment, marginalization, and ultimately dismissed to the nuisance; we are on record with support to the affirmative. Now, we need reciprocity for your brethren in the cause of level capitalism for all.

 General George Patton once said, “Opportunities do not come to those who wait. They are captured by those who attack” – This is the New Normal for us and a warning to those who ere to political motives.

 Like it or not, Capitalists come in all shades, hues, and colors – but the game goes to those who know best how to make a dollar out of 15 cents. To quote from my Chicago roots, “that’s the set we rep… what you holdin'”?


Rudy Sutherland, 8-PAC Editor

8(a) Serial Entrepreneur & Small Business Evangelist

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  1. iRa said:

    Hello Rudy,

    Don’t know how I got to this site, but just read your recent blog. Haven’t been following 8-Pac, don’t know what it’s all about. But, there are other beliefs out here and we’d like to see some of this ‘energy’ flowing t o g e t h e r.

    Past mistakes have caused a lot of good ‘movements’ to split apart, own agendas; time to get that good sh– and come together, common causes―possibilities? You don’t need to attack to take advantage of opportunities. They come anyway! What you make of them…that’s where we should be putting the energy. Talk further…?


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