Update: Friday April 24, 2009

Current detail statistics and formal report from the FTA will be posted regarding this story within 30 days; further analysis will follow. However, current information indicates that, over the last 10 years an average of less than 1% of Prime Contracting opportunities have been awarded to Black-Male owned businesses located and registered in the Houston Metropolitan area.


frankwilson1Thursday, 04/23/2009

Please contact us if you are, or know of, Houston-Based, Black Male-Owned business’ that have UNSUCCESSFULLY attempted to obtain a PRIME CONTRACT with Houston METRO. There is an opportunity to get you a direct audience with Executive Management.

Houston METRO President, Frank Wilson, stated at the Board meeting today that “”METRO” has a proud record of issuing Prime-Contracts to Black-Male owned businesses”. However, the numbers we have obtained from the FTA and other internal sources state otherwise. We are calling him on his statement!

This is an enormous opportunity for you, if you fall into this demographic.

Said Congresswoman Jackson Lee – “Right now, we face one of the biggest recessions our nation has seen since the depression and it pains me to see Houston METRO hindering job creation by not working with Houstonians and small local contractors on many of its initiatives. Now is the time to face our economic hardships head on and hold Houston METRO accountable for job creation and small business opportunity in Houston.”

8-PAC Political Action Committee




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