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DECEMBER 21, 2008


In our last Issuance we talked about the Auto Industry Bailout.  Now, we’ve been invited to talk about the Mortgage Industry Crisis as it relates to small business.  But, we want to talk about what’s really bothering us, as to the current crisises as they relate to minority small business.

Back in the early 80s, we served as the Associate Administrator for Minority Small Business/Capital Ownership Development under Ronald Reagan.  Back then, we believed in and practiced “developing and growing firms” and promoting the viability of firms owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals through the provision of contractual financial and technical assistance as may be necessary”.  Back then, SDBs were synonymous with Minority Small Business (MSB).

Somehow, since that time, it has seemed to become politically incorrect to refer to “Minority” when you’re talking about assisting small businesses.  Somehow, since that time, it has become more acceptable/desirable to talk in euphemistic terms like “disadvantaged” or other non-ethic terms-you know “race -neutral” stuff.

We need to get over that and get back to the nitty gritty.  You can’t fight racism and the effects of racism, with non-racial methods.  And, you can’t fight gender discrimination, with non-gender methods.  So, if we are to face and correct these issues, of racial and gender discrimination and their effects, then we need to accept that reality.  If there is no racial or gender discrimination, then we can feel free to stand down.  They no longer need us to stand on the wall.

Having said that, let us re-state what we have said for a long time, back then, and today. Racial and gender discrimination is still alive and well in America.  And, we still need to eradicate it.  As we chip away at these two, we will serve to ameliorate the problems minority and women-owned businesses have today.

A good start would be restoring the Office of Minority Small Business Ownership and Capital Ownership Development at the United Small Business Administration.  We hope to make these small businesses in the minority and women sector competitively viable, and we’ve solved a lot of the “Economic Crisis” and “Mortgage Crisis” in the small business community, in general.

We hope Change will bring with it a new attitude about what is “politically correct”.  We hope that Change will bring about a new conviction to “putting your money where your mouth is”.  We hope that the new Administration will have the nerve to do what it KNOWS is right, and not what is politically acceptable.


The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

Henry T. Wilfong Jr., MBA, CPA

President, NASDB

Current or Former Positions:

  • Three-time Appointee of Governor and President Ronald Reagan
  • Pasadena, CA City Councilman
  • Member, Bush-Cheney Transition Team-SBA Advisory Group
  • Member, Department of Energy, Small Business Advisory Committee
  • Associate Administrator for Minority Small Business/Capital Ownership Development, SBA
  • Member, National Council on Policy Review-Black Capitalism
  • Member, Presidential Task Force on International Private Enterprise
  • Member, California Council on Criminal Justice
  • Member, NASA Advisory Council
  • Chair, NASA Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee
  • Co-Chair , Unity Network and Black Republicans for Obama/(BRO)
  • Chair, The WILFONG Hour
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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    In a related post, “SBA Blasts Report By Transition Leader”, we referred to this item by us, to take some of the air out of the SBA retort. Much of what happened to the program over at SBA over the last decade or so, has to do with SBA personnel taking the crap that was delivered, instead of rejecting the crap, as just what it was-crap.

    The personnel continued to sit rather complacently as the budget was cut, and cut, and cut. They spouted the “we’ll do more with less” company line, as the program was weakened, more and more.

    Now, that we KNOW the sad shape, from reading the GAO reports, and other data, such as the Obama Transition Team report, what a’re we gonna do about it? Will we call the hand of the SBA personnel in their lame duck status? Or will we simply figure they’re dead in the water and wait for January 21, 2008?

    The latter deal is the easiest. But, is it the wisest? Don’t the SDB community deserve better than that…

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