As we start this historical day, I can not help but marvel at the way this campaign has been waged, by Barack Obama and his magnificent campaign staff.  Look at what the story says:

“Obama concentrated on Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, appealing to supporters to produce a huge turnout in those battlegrounds as he sought to checkmate his rival by keeping alive as many options as possible for winning an electoral college majority. The strategy, laid down in the summer at the beginning of the general election, has proved successful in the late stages of the race and require McCain to win virtually every state where the polls are close to deny Obama a victory.”

This summarizes why Obama is on the verge of making history.  This was no hastily arranged strategy.  There is no “Hail Mary” pass at the end, trying to achieve victory.  This was a campaign made up of “little people”, against the long-history of “big interests”.  It was a classic case of “Main Street” vs. “Wall Street”.

Only, the Obama folk were very successful in getting some of us “Wall Street” types over on their side. Why is simple.  “Their side” is the right side, of this campaign.  “Their side” is the side which makes sense.  “Their side”, is the well-organized, side.  “Their side” is the CHANGE side.

How indicative of the campaign is what’s happening in my house, right now.  My wife is going out the door, even before the sun rises-she’s an Obama “Poll Watcher”.  She’ll be gone until sundown.  Me, I’m busy already sending “missives” around the country, reminding folk it’s “our time”-the time to get out the vote.

If we don’t win it won’t be because of the failure to plan and prepare..



Note from the 8-PAC Editor, Rudy Sutherland:

States to Watch, and When

7:00 PM EST | One of the keys to look for early on election night will be Virginia.  If Obama wins Virginia, the night will become substantially more difficult for McCain.  He will need to sweep those gray states, and then some.  The polls in Indiana will all be closed by this time as well. If Obama manages to pull off an upset here (not very likely), then it should be a very quick night.

7:30 PM EST | Ohio and North Carolina, then become absolutely imperative. If McCain fails to win both of these states, he will have pretty much run out of options; there simply aren’t enough electoral votes in play to get him across the goal-line.

8:00 PM EST | Provided that McCain is still holding on at this point, Missouri and Florida become the next focal point. These are both must-win states for McCain. If he fails to win both of them, his night is, for all intents and purposes, over.

9:00 PM EST | If the states mentioned so far have all gone to McCain or are still considered too close to call by 9:00 PM, then New Mexico and Colorado become front and center. Remember, if McCain doesn’t pull out a victory in Pennsylvania these two are must-wins.

Prediction: The 8-PAC Eagle predicts Barack Obama will be elected the 44th President of These United States of America.

  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    8-PAC was right in its prediction…..CONGRATULATIONS.

    And, congratulations to America for making the right choice. Indicative of the wisdom in their choice is the widespread “World Approval” that is evident.

    And, too, the fact that this marvelous team that put together the winning strategy is already putting together the transition strategy. And we’re only in the second day after the historical election.

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