Reports are:

“McCain Asks that Friday’s Presidential Debate be Postponed due to Economic Crisis.” What hypocrisy and grandstanding, and political “upstaging”. (Newsmax)

Let’s get the story right, according to the news reports. Obama calls McCain at 8:30AM yesterday. “John, let’s issue a joint statement ASAP on this horrific economic crisis.” “OK Barack, I’ll get back to you.” Later in the day, 2:30PM, after a political rally McCain gets back with Obama.” “Barack, let’s do it. Have your staff get with my staff. By the way, Barack, let’s cancel all politicking for awhile. Let’s work on this thing, until it’s done.” “John, for now, let’s get the joint statement out, then we can talk about what comes after. But, we can do more than one thing at a time.”

That’s when it gets a little fuzzy. But with the excellent news reporting, and a few phone calls, we put together the developments after that. From all accounts, McCain, then goes outside his door to some waiting reporters and announces that he’s gonna “suspend all campaigning” until a bipartisan agreement can be worked out. And, he announces he is going back to Washington to lead the negotiations.

Meanwhile, back in Washington the folk who ARE leading the negotiations are told about the “decision(s) by the candidate(s) and asked if their presence is “needed”. With both hands pushed outward, “Oh no!” “The last thing we need here is, the presidential issues being involved.”

That kind of sums it up for us. WE the American people, need these two, who would be President of The United States, “from Day One”, to be presenting themselves to US. WE the American people, need to see how they act under pressure. We need to see and hear, how they “explain” their involvement or non-involvement of driving the bus into the ditch. We need the world, which America lives in, to get an idea of the Change that either of them might be bringing to the world stage.

Oh, no, Senators McCain and Obama, WE need you in Mississippi on Friday, debating as planned. The ones who have been taking care of the Senate’s business can do just fine, as they’ve been doing, while you two have been traipsing all over the place these last couple years. We understand that Obama talks to the REAL congressional leadership of his Party every day. He even talks on a regular basis to the key folk of the Bush Administration. They got these things called “phones”. And, per Obama, both of you have these “big planes” that can be in Washington in no time.

We don’t know about ya’ll, but we think we just got an excellent view of who would be the best “commander-in-chief” on Day One… 


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