As we watch the race unfold, we’re reminded of political phrases.  “Money is the lifeblood of politics.”  “All politics are local.”  These are two of our favorites.  We read with interest the writings and hear the words of the pundits.

What a beautiful, and telling phrase is this: “included donations from half a million new people”.  The Obama campaign collected a record $66 million in August.  And, it “included donations from half a million new people”.

That means that half a million folk said to Barack Obama, “You are the one.” 

Well, we say to the newcomers, “WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  It’s not about “Him”, it’s about YOU.  And, now you combined with us, are WE.  And, as the WE grows, the nation will be benefited, by the Change we cause, based on the Hope that his been generated by Him, but sustained by WE the people.

Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Ohio the other day.  It’s interesting to read the comments about it.  But the paragraphs below, sum it up pretty well.  What we’ve gotta do is see that the word gets spread.

“While supporters here were mixed about whether Clinton should directly assail Palin’s views on issues that impact women, they were universally adamant that no Clinton supporter would ever support Palin.

“They couldn’t be more different,” said Barbara Price, a quality inspector here. “It’s important everyone know the facts because the facts have to win out — and Hillary stands for working people and so does Obama. He would have had better go of it had he picked Hillary for his running mate.”

The audience today was largely women and white, the very women Palin has been trying to attract. The Alaska governor has been complimentary toward Clinton and the campaign she ran — even suggesting that Obama should have selected her as is running mate. Clinton was scheduled for a second event on Akron this afternoon.

She ended her remarks by saying, “Those who supported me, I ask you to support Barack Obama.”

These are powerful statements.  They ought be enough.  We shouldn’t expect Hillary Clinton to attract a fellow “woman’s movement” participant.  But, as she stays on the trail, the obvious “failings” of the imitator will become even more obvious.  “Those who supported me, I ask to support Barack Obama.” 

It don’t get no better than that….

What’s that you say.  McCain picked W-H-O…………. (or is that WHOM)

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    We can’t help but believe that McCain’s cavalier way of choosing his running mate is much like the way he treats investing regulation controls. Thus, we the Nation are paying for his negligence with the subprime mortgage failure and the stock market meltdown.

    Unfortunately, the world watches the laxity in judgment. And, they wait out there to beat ours brains out in world competition.

    As the race unfolds, we hope the American public opens up its eyes and let the sun shine in.

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