We met Sarah Palin-so what… ~ Wilfong

How dare she try to “substitute” for Hillary Clinton?  How dare she let McCain pick her as his “date” for the Big Prom on November 4th?” – Wilfong

So, SHE started it.  The mocking and poking fun at folk much more experienced and qualified than herself.  We just hope she realizes that by coming out with this negativity, she’s opened herself to similar “mocking and poking”.  And, since she’s got much more to “mock and poke” at, well, it ought to be interesting.

We must keep our eye on the real culprit, however.  That’s John McCain and his desperate attempt to sell the Religious Right on who, and what he’s really not.   And, here is where she’s liable to get the most severe “mocking and poking”.

How dare she try to “substitute” for Hillary Clinton?  How dare she let McCain pick her as his “date” for the Big Prom on November 4th?  What is all this clamor on how “cute” she is, and what a “dish” for the Republican table?  That is the WRONG way to introduce the first woman candidate to be on the Republican ticket.

It looks “good and perky” now.  But, “good and perky” wears out quickly, when the hot days of the campaign gets back to rolling.  Wait until Hillary takes a swing at John McCain for foisting off a counterfeit that he expects “women voters” to cotton to.  Oh, he’ll get the usual Republican types.  But, it’s the “Hillary-woman type” that he wanted to steal from the Democrats and Independents.

Wait until Bill Clinton takes a swing at John McCain for the temerity to get a “cheap impersonator” of his wife’s mission.  Wait until Bill talks about the “lack of experience” thing as applies to the former Mayor of that little town in Alaska.  Wait until he gets to wagging that famous finger of his.

Wasilla, Alaska, is where she was Mayor, right.  Small-town girl makes good, right.  She held the top executive position in the town, right.  All sounds impressive, until one like me takes a good hard look at what we’re talking about.  The population of the town of which she was Mayor, is not quite as large as the District I represented, back in the 1970s, in Pasadena, California

Hey. I didn’t start this, THEY did.  She and He (Palin and McCain).  I’m just warming them up for Bill and Hillary.  Oh, and I almost forgot-Joe Biden.  Now, Joe is titularly “running for Vice President”.  But, Joe knows that you can’t “win” Vice President.  You get in if the “Big Guy” wins.   So, Joe Biden won’t waste must time on the former PTA President, and Beauty Queen, he’ll go after the one who brung her.

Joe Biden knows John McCain well.  Much better, by the way, than McCain knows his running mate.  McCain met her once, then talked to her briefly, the day before he invited her to the prom.  She literally swept him off his feet.

Joe and John know each other a little better, a lot longer.  Joe and John have spent some 20 years, or more, serving together in The United States Senate, in this place called Washington, D.C.  Joe Biden goes home to Delaware every night, a practice of his 36 years in the Senate.  John McCain lives in his D.C. house-one of seven, or so, he owns throughout the world.  He’s got so many he has to have a staffer keep track of them.

So, we met Sarah Palin, last night on National TV.  So what…let’s get on to the major players….   

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is so out-of-the-box that it could turn out to be brilliant. But, it is also so off-the-wall that it could turn out to be devastating. One thing it does show-that desperate people tend to do different and desperate things, particularly when their thought process is muddled.

    Some folk we know, marvel that “McCain really threw the dice on this one.” Well, we don’t want someone deciding something as important as the country’s future on a “throw of the dice”. We’ve got an economy to get back on track. We’ve got an energy crisis, created by dependency on foreign oil sources. We’ve got a war, or two, to settle, less they further disrupt the world peace that we all seek, and drive us further into debt.

    What if, in the midst of all this, the “heartbeat away from the presidency” clause slips in? What if, shortly after installation, the Veep, from Alaska becomes the President of the United States. Could she pull us out of the fire and become the new “Saviour of the Universe”? You know in movies they often say “It could happen.”

    Well, not on my beat, thank you.

    One of our younger, thoughtful Netters wrote:
    “I attended the DNC last week and worked hard as a volunteer. While I don’t think the Democratic party is perfect, I do believe that Obama is the candidate for these times. As I now listen to McCain make his pitch, I wonder what will become of this wonderful nation if he somehow wins.”

    This is what we wrote back:

    “We will be in deep “do-do” that’s what.

    John McCain has shown his desperateness with the selection of Sarah Palin. That impetuous move demonstrates his lack of judgment and the absence of validity of process. They say they “fully vetted” her, as with all the other candidates for Veep. It now becomes very obvious that this is NOT so.

    Those of us to know and support Barack Obama, would disagree with McCain’s assessment that Obama was “too inexperienced”. But, at least it had some validity, depending on one’s perspective. Now, that argument is totally invalidated by the obvious and glaring inexperience of Sarah Palin.

    This, I’m afraid, is just the tip of the iceberg, as to the way things will be “planned out, and executed” under John McCain.”

    What should we do. Make sure-doubly sure-that the matter is not left up to the McCain Machine. By selecting such an experienced candidate, they’ve indicated their “thought processing” capability. They now propose that “with training, she’ll be ready by January 20th of next year”. That is such an asinine suggestion, we won’t even comment on it. (But, then, I think we just did.)

    Ya’ll do what you want to. You’ve been fairly warned- by their actions..

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