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 Video | Segment of Forum on the Presidency – Obama Q&A

“”As to the “woman’s right to choose”, my Mama had a classic response. “She gets to chose who she lays down with. She don’t get the right to kill babies.“” – Wilfong

Well, Pastor Rick Warren’s “Show of Truth” presentation, last night got a lot of things out on the table. It offered a real good look at the two Presidential candidates in their “true clothing”. We have two Christians, running for President. But with very different “attitudes” about some key issues.

Barack Obama has been telling the American public all along what he is. So his “disclosures” were only a statement of what he is. He’s a Christian who is a proponent of a woman’s right to choose.

McCain professes to be a “born again, Christian”.  Now, that’s alright, with us. We’re glad to find out, from him, that he’s a part of the “Evangelical” side of Christianity. He talked about being “saved”.  We’re glad we got that out.  Not everyone will understand the full significance of that. But the Evangelical Right will. And, that’s who John McCain was playing to, last night.

Being a “born again Christian” is what my Mama and Papa were, before they went to be with their God. They were solid in that faith, and to them it meant the world. They didn’t wear their Christianity on their sleeves. But, to them it was real. And, they lived it until they died.

We hope others were listening as closely as we were to what the two candidates said. And, we hope others read as we did, that which was NOT said.

For example, we heard McCain when he made that innocuous “failure in my first marriage” statement. He made no reference to the adultery he committed with his current wife, while he was still married to his first wife. My Mama and Papa were married nearly sixty years when my Mama died. Papa had no other wife, until he married five years after her death, “for companionship”.

That’s the way “born again Christians” do it. As to the “woman’s right to choose”, my Mama had a classic response. “She gets to chose who she lays down with. She don’t get the right to kill babies.” My Mama had a blunt way of putting things. John McCain is called “straight talk, John McCain”. That was my Mama’s way of talking. And, my Mama walked the talk.

I hope that those women who supported Hillary Clinton, based on her “right to choose” belief, and now threaten to go over to McCain-I hope they listened well. And, I hope they listened attentively as McCain laid out those Supreme Court Justices he would NOT have appointed. What an indication of what kind of Justices he will appoint, given the chance. (You know the kind that would overturn Roe v. Wade.)

I’m personally, not a “born again” individual. I couldn’t make the “faith” reach. I was not worthy. And, I can not be a hypocrite. But, for those of you to whom such things are important, you need to check out a replay of the session last night.

Your decision is between you and God. And, believe my Mama when she said “He sees everything.”

Hank Wilfong, Son of Geraldine and Henry Sr.

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    I only hope many of you were as lucky as I in the parents you had. My Sister, Bobby Jean and I often kid about how we “chose our parents well”. We both glory in the way they were. And, what their examples taught us…CAUSED us to be.

    We are so pleased that Milia and Shasha get to be like Bobby Jean and Henry Jr.

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