Catharsis of Fear in America: IS RACE GONNA BE A FACTOR? ~ Wilfong

Beware the polls,…People are very mediocre predictors of their own behavior. What they tell you in June and July will not necessarily comport well with what they do in November.” – Democratic pollster Mark Mellman

The Washington Post had an article today that blew my mind.  When I first read the headline “Race Is In Holding Pattern For Now” I though it was talking about the other “race”.  You don’t need to go far into the article, though, to see that this other “race” is much in play.

“Democrat Obama still faces reservations among voters about his background and readiness. Republican McCain still faces questions about whether he has a governing vision that represents a clear break from the policies of President Bush.”

The reservations about Obama’s background and readiness, is really all about his race.  If he were not Black (if he were John F. Kennedy, say-there is much similarity between the two), this exciting, energetic, brilliant young man, would not have the doubts about his readiness.

However, we know where that came from.  It came from the racist campaign part of The Clinton machine, during the primaries.   Look, let’s face it. During the primaries, there was not much to distinguish the difference between the two Democratic finalists.  So, Bill Clinton threw in the race card.

Bill Clinton talked about his wife, Hillary and John McCain as being ‘the two qualified Americans” qualified to be commander- in-chief.  Most anybody with an ounce of sense knew that Bill Clinton was talking about “two White Americans” being “experienced and qualified”.   Blatantly racist.

Bill Clinton knew what he was saying.  He ought be shame of himself.  But, we all know Bill, he has no shame.  Let us get rid of that kind of thinking.  We KNOW the qualifications of the two remaining candidates.  We KNOW their differences.  Let us NOT pick the racial difference as the deciding factor, however.  Let’s hope America has grown past that part of its history.

Barack Obama is a rather liberal candidate, a lot like John F. Kennedy.  John McCain is a lot like Nixon.  He’s a pseudo-Conservative who sometimes has trouble knowing exactly what he wants to claim he is.  He’s much more like George W. Bush than he cares to admit. But, you need to know, if you want more of the policies of George W. Bush, you need to vote for John McCain.  If you want more of John F. Kennedy kind of Government, you need to vote for Barack Obama.

And, if you’re so racist that you can’t bring yourself to vote for “the black guy”, then stay at home.  Surely you don’t hate Black folk so much that you’d vote for four more years of George W. Bush.

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

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