SBA…”You got folk you do pay. What do you pay them for?” ~ Wilfong

Wilfong wrote on July 25, 2008 at 9:27 am:

“SBA Faces a Credibility Gap” is a gross understatement. Without casting a lot of stones, let’s just say that SBA has some credibility rebuilding to do. Back in the day we at SBA had tremendous credibility and influence “where the rubber meets the road”. What happened. Well, “politics” mostly.

But, given that, we don’t have the time for elaborate excuses. We just need the problem fixed. We still see some of “the old pros” around. Use their historical perspective to take us back to when, “promoting the competitive viability of firms owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals” was a living reality.

We have folk who are willing to do what they can, to help. But, the “healing” starts with you, SBA….


SBA, you might want to start with some of those folk out in the field offices.  You know the folk who deal at the District level.  The ones who actually interact with the firms that you supposedly serve.  The GAO report made a startling disclosure: “Also improperly certified were four bogus firms set up by the GAO claiming fake principal locations in HUBZone areas, which were all approved by the SBA with few questions.”  Now, how could that happen?

Before we get the, “We don’t have enough money to hire adequate numbers ” argument, we ask the following question: “You got folk you do pay. What do you pay them for?”   We do not propose to micro-manage the program.  But, damn, “four bogus firms” with “fake principal locations”… That ain’t right….

In addition, some of you SBA folk need to come on “The Wilfong Hour” and interact with some folk who are on your side, but, are a bit bewildered and confused about some of the stuff we’ve been hearing and reading.  Remember, SBA, the healing starts with you….

~ You are invited to Join Us for WILFONG HOUR No. 7 ~ TROUBLE ON THE HORIZON…. ~

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!


EVERY MONDAY | 12 NOON CST – 1PM EST ~ Dial-in Number: 218.339.2626 (The Participant Access Code is: 408191#)

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    We’ll be on our usual beat, today, we wonder what SBA will be doing. We’ll be “on the wall” participating in our regular Monday activity, The Wilfong Hour. We’ll be talking about “Problems on the Horizon” and about “Healing”.

    We didn’t cause the extreme problems that are swirling around our small business program. But, we’re gonna be in the midst of trying to help it heal itself. SBA was, and still is, manager of the program. SBA bears the responsibility of maintaining the program and keeping it credible and properly functioning.

    The healing must start with them. We wonder if they will show up. Showing up is a significant part of getting the job done. We’ll show up. And we will help. But, we can’t do it by ourselves.

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