Kerry Holds SBA Accountable for Disadvantaged Business Fraud ~ Post No. 072008-1

Senator Kerry issued the following statement in response to two Government Accountability Office reports that concluded that the Small Business Administration has failed to conduct proper oversight over a program meant to help businesses located in historically disadvantaged neighborhoods access government contracts. The reports on Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones) can be accessed here:

“Congress created this program to help people in economically depressed areas create jobs and opportunity. The SBA’s job is to make sure the program is helping the people who need help, not those looking to make a quick buck. This latest report adds to the pile of evidence that the Administration has failed to conduct adequate oversight of small business programs.”

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    The results of the report may have also served to remind of the basically flawed premise of the HUBZone concept in the first place. It is our strong belief that they should have sought to improve the areas by utilizing maximum practicable utilization of members of Designated Groups already represented in the area.

    HUBZone created another vehicle for those who seek to pimp the programs of the small and disadvantaged. Maybe it’s time for HUBZone to be gone. Encourage those who are otherwise eligible to utilize one of the other programs as their vehicle for inclusion.

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