We got an “Issuance” from one of our more active advocates.   He was passing around an article, he received, and bemoaning the fact that “The Beltway Bandits” were hijacking all the federal government business before it could get out to the hinterlands.  We won’t print the article, for a number of reasons.  But, mainly we don’t do it because we don’t want to “institutionalize” the thought.

So, we’ll write what we wrote back:

“Unfortunately, XXX has hit on a reality that we’re just gonna have to get over.  We can cry about “The Beltway Bandits” getting all the work if we want.   The truth of the matter is not so much that they’re LOCATED near D.C.  What they do is take advantage of that location to establish and capitalize on RELATIONSHIPS.

I got a copy of this memo not because of where I am located, but because of my relationship with XXX, and others on this list.  I got it because I am President of The National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses. XXX knows, but many of you on this mailer are probably not aware that NASDB is now located in Savannah, GA.

Though, Wyllene and I have been down here almost a year now, there are folk up in D.C. that think we’re still there.  Part of this may be due to the fact that my cell phone still has a “301” area code.  Part of this may be due to the fact that I had at least half a dozen phone conversations with folk on The Hill, and in a couple of the big agencies just yesterday.  And, on Monday, I’ll be hosting my usual Wilfong Hour, where folk from all over the country will be calling in to talk about “the problems of small business”

Strange as it may sound to some, “The Beltway Bandits” don’t make our hit list.  The 80/20 ratio as to big/small business with the government does make that list.  So, my suggestion, get off the location issue and do your relationship establishment better.  Do your marketing by methods other than your having to stay in someone’s face all the time.  Funny thing, I can just see  XXX with that “innocent” little look on his face.  But, I haven’t SEEN him since five or six calls ago….


Having said that, we invite those who are interested to call in on Monday.  These are the kind of things we want to hear from you.  Strange as it may sound, we recognize a lot of the names on the list that got the mailer.  A lot of them are within the “50 mile radius of the White House”-yet they ain’t getting their fair share of the 80/20 pie.  Now, ‘splain that…

And, they won’t until somebody Changes that situation (80/20)

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!



EVERY MONDAY | 12 NOON CST – 1PM EST ~ Dial-in Number: 218.339.2626 (The Participant Access Code is: 408191#)

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    The Issuance on Beltway Bandits, in addition to invitations to call in brought some interesting reactions and responses. Some folk blame everything but themselves, and their failure to “connect” on everybody but themselves.

    A simple invitation to call in and talk about it, causes them to go off about “lobbyists” and stuff. They blame the OSDBUs, the SBLOs, the PCRs, everybody but themselves. We ask if they supported Sen. Kerry’s Bill, or Sen, Snowe’s Bill or supported WIPP in their acclaim for Congress’s refusing to appropriate funds for an insufficient women-owned business program.

    It’s as if we were talking a different language. AS if, they didn’t know who Sen. John Kerry, or Sen. Olympia Snowe are. WIPP, they have no idea who they are. They heard about us, because 8-PAC sent them out an invitation. We ask what “lobbyist” or “group of lobbyists” they have in mind. The nebulous “them” gets nominated.

    Is there any need to look further into why they don’t know, or appreciate the role of OSDBUs, PCRs, Program Officers, Contracting Officers. Maybe we ought not invite them. We’ll probably have so much explaining to do, with them, that we’ll miss a chance to help those who want to learn how to go to the next step, do just that.

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