Neo Keynesian Capitalism – Government Policy to Build Small Business in America


Let us start by saying; we are intellectual architects and evangelists for Neo Keynesian Capitalism ideation. By effecting current economic policy, we can change the structure of the environment and ecosystem that small businesses incubate and grow in.

So, we begin this dialogue – agnostic of the stale clichés of yesterday; the school yard rivalries between the Chicago Boys (University of Chicago) and the East Coast Elite (Harvard, Yale, Etc.).

Very simply, we denounce as fundamentally flawed the Policy Trinity of the Freidman Disciples: elimination of public accountability by free markets, total liberation of corporations, and skeletal small business program support & spending.

WARNING TO THE EXCITED BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL: We do not purport that there is a benefit to excessive government spending or taxation; we support smaller government. Specifically, we support government spending that directly increases the viability of entrepreneurship – Growth Spending.

Balanced Tax policy, Core Asset Management (Health Care for Entrepreneurs), and fair access to federal government contract opportunities for 8(a), woman owned, and Veteran owned businesses are the core fundamentals of our platform.

More to come.

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Sounds like a good start in re-connecting with reality, that ought be practiced by America’s leaders. Bigger government and government spending is not the answer to all our woes. We must somehow find our way back to “the biggest bang for the buck” philosophy.

    However, we must also realize that some things, certain societal ends are desirable, even if we have to inconvenience ourselves and the government, and even if it may cost a little more.

    “Balance” is the answer…

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