“First a ‘Corner’, now an ‘Hour’…  What’s next?” – Actually, this is all part of “The Evolution of Wilfong” ~

Hank Wilfong, on June 8th, 2008 at 9:46 am Said:

The “Evolution” is underway. The “politics” of it is in full bloom. There is a failure on the part of many to understand the tremendous effect politics has on our business world, particularly small disadvantaged businesses. Then, when they “understand”, there is a reluctance to accept the reality.

We must change this reluctance. We must improve this lack of understanding.

And, so we will…

SUMMER OF 2005 Wilfong said:

How do we create economic viability in the Black Community?  Through Capitalism.  How do we create and enhance Capitalism?  Through Entrepreneurship.  It’s all very simple to us.  But, it’s gonna need some ‘splaining to some folk.  So, let us begin.

Economic Empowerment, Economic Parity, Entrepreneurship…….just words?….we don’t think so….

Building the Perfect 8(a) Program

  • “These People” & “Those People”
  • Abject Poverty vs. Sublime Riches
  • One America vs. Two Americas

Now, we’ve gotta work to make the two statements, made at two different points in our life, relevant, and from that relevancy, cause things to happen.  That’s what all this is about -causing things to happen.  In Management 101 back in the UCLA MBA Program, we were taught “Management is causing things to happen through people.”  Switch it to Politics 101, anywhere, and it means, “Getting politicians to do what the hell they promised to do.”  In Community Relations 101 it means, “Getting folk not to over-expect”.

Just words?  Not hardly…

Our “Wilfong Hour” will be centered around talking with some of the best minds on the planet, as relates to small and disadvantaged businesses. We will deal with all these issues “thrown together”. 

Fired up!!!!  Ready to go!!!!

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!


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