Fired up!!!!! Ready to go!!!!

Interesting things are already happening, individually, as we head into what’s gonna be a “hot summer”.  We’ve got this “watering-system”, here in Savannah, due to the drought in Georgia.  This morning is watering time for my side of the street.  So, I’m out early this AM, changing the water sprinklers around.  I picked up the morning paper, and scanned it.  On the editorial page, I see this article:

“Georgia in play?  You bet your bippy.” 

It’s signed by this guy, Henry T. Wilfong Jr., Savannah.

Not having time to read it, yet-remember I’m watering, I go about my mission.  Gotta get through watering by 10AM.  Got a lot of backyard, and front yard to water.

I go upstairs to my office, just in time to pick up the ringing phone.   On the caller I.D. I see this unknown name.  But it’s got a Savannah area code so I answer, “Wilfong”.  “Oh, are you the one that wrote the letter in the paper this morning?”  “Yes Maam, I am.”   “Wow, can I talk to you about it?”

That’s how a 30 minute conversation with a total stranger, started for me this AM.

We started off with light talk about what kind of guy Obama “really is”.  We ended up with her anxious to got to the office to work for Obama’s election. This lady is a Savannahan now.  But she was born in some little town in the mountains of West Virginia.  She explained to me that she’s one of those women that made up the “Hillary Clinton army”.   She’s a “white female, over 60, non-degreed, under $50,000 per year, person” who hates the characterization they’ve stereotyped her with.

We talked about whether I “really” thought Obama could take Georgia.  She had asked me earlier about who I thought his V.P.  might be.  I reminded her of that and asked, “What if Sam Nunn was his V.P.?”  “Wow, that would be great, but nobody remembers Sam Nunn.”  My response, “You do, and I do.  I remember him from the days when he wrote the Mentor-Protege Program law.  I was in California then.  But, a lot of us remember Sam Nunn. ”

One thing is very clear, my new Savannah friend is indicative of a lot of folk who want “Change”.  And, I believe she’s indicative of a lot of folk who don’t want to be stereotyped and “presumed” to be inaccessible.  And, remember, she called me, I didn’t call her. I bet she can’t wait to talk to some of her other friends about that letter to the editor of The Savannah Morning News.  And, about this long conversation she had with this “Californian, who’s now a Savannahan”.

Fired up!!!!  Ready to go!!!!

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

EVERY MONDAY | 1PM EST, beginning June 23, 2008 ~ EMAIL for dial in number

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Fired up!!!!!! Ready to go!!!!! Can hardly wait for Monday. That’s when “The Wilfong Hour” starts. First a “Corner”, now an “Hour”. What’s next?

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