June 6, 2008 11:40 AM EST

Fired up!!!!! the candidate yelled out.  Ready to go!!!! the crowd of 10,000 yelled back.  And, thus, the state of Virginia has been put on the map in November.  That’s as in Electoral College votes.  You know, the kind that determines who becomes President of the United States of America.  Now, let’s examine the significance of that, as relates to Barack Obama.

Back during the Democratic Primary race one of the candidates claimed, “he can’t be elected”.  She also said, “He can’t win the vote of working, hard-working Americans, white Americans.”   Well, yesterday was one of those in-your-face, YES I CAN!!! moments.   Barack Obama, the first African-American to become the nominee of one of the two major parties, went to the seat of the old Confederacy, to kick off the final leg of his improbable run to the White House.

Fired up!!!!!  Ready to go!!!!

Many of us learned that phrase, and it’s significance from Obama’s appearance in South Dakota last week.  We were not there in South Dakota when he told the big crowd where that phrase came from, and the significance of it’s humble beginning in Obama’s campaign. 

It started with one single, elderly lady official in South Carolina.  She started it, the “crowd” of 40 people picked it up, Obama picked it up.  And, that little barn-like structure rocked.  We weren’t there, but we can feel it.  Virginia can feel it.  And, that is how movements are built and sustained.

Fired up!!!!!  Ready to go!!!!!

There were people there yesterday who had “taken off sick”; caused their youngsters to “ditch school”, all kinds of reasons.  Just read some of the quotes from the Washington Post:

“The chances of me seeing him in real life are getting narrow,” Robinson said. “I figured I better come now.”

“I even pulled my baby out of school, and I never do that,” Bellamy said, referring to her 14-year-old daughter, Stephanie- “But she told her teachers the truth and said that she was going to see Obama.”

“She doesn’t get it, but one day, she is going to tell her kids about how her crazy mama dragged her to see Obama. I didn’t just want her to watch it on TV, I wanted her to see this” Bellamy said.

Pamela Supanik, 48, of Fairfax County, said she went to the rally at Nissan Pavilion to be converted. Through the hard-fought campaign, she had supported Clinton (D-N.Y.) for the Democratic nomination. “She was my candidate; now I need to educate myself about him,” Supanik said of Clinton and Obama. “I’m here to see where he stands on the issues and whether anything he says resonates with me.”

Anna Lee Clubb, 18, of Manassas cast her first ballot for Obama in the February primary – the Virginia Tech freshman was excited after hearing him speak in person for the first time yesterday. “Virginia is going to be important in the general election, and he’s proven his policies are what we need,” she said.

In addition to these “ordinary citizens”, at least three possible vice-presidential candidates were in attendance and welcoming Barack Obama. They are Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D), Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), and Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner, now a U.S. Senate candidate.

Fired up!!!!!!  Ready to go!!!!!!!!

We’d say so….that’s how movements are fueled, and grow…


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