MAY 25, 2008 12:15 PM EST

This Freud guy had this theory.  And we coined the phrase “Freudian slip” from it.  She SAID it, ergo she has THOUGHT it… Yeah, and there really was sniper fire on the tarmac in Bosnia.” ~ Wilfong

The assassination statement is inappropriate, unexplainable, and inexcusable, in any context.  What could cause a sane, articulate person to utter the words that Hillary Rodham Clinton did the other day?

What would Sigmund Freud say…

We don’t quite know, but here’s the way one pundit tried to explain Clinton’s “passion”:

“One hundred percent of her energy is on the popular vote,” a senior adviser said. “The only thing she can control is how hard she works and what effort she puts into the remaining three contests. She wants to end this with as many votes as she can.”

This in essence explains what drives and motivates the Clintons to stay in the race. It’s all about THEM, and about this thing they call their “legacy”. Their dream of “entitlement” is long gone, destroyed by a string of primary losses in the middle of the voting season, to someone they perceive as the “guy who cannot win the election in the Fall”.  This guy who the Clintons said could not win the votes of “working, hard working Americans, white Americans”.  This guy who cannot win, is beating their brains out.  He is even winning more “white votes” than they are. So, how do you stop this avalanche?

“Not easily, and not likely.” is the answer. But, there are a couple ways, if you’re desperate, and imaginative.  There is absolutely no chance that she will win the required elected delegates.  But, she churns on just the same.  She could “steal” the nomination by getting the superdelegates to overturn the will of the people who voted in the elections.  Or, if something catastrophic should befall the other guy.

This could be “all in fun”, but for a couple of things.

The “loose lips sinks ships” saying of World War II comes to mind.  This latest flap over the sloppy use of “the assassination card” is maybe the most serious.  In her quest for “immortality” she may have put the life of the “preemptive candidate” in grave danger.  “She was tired”, she “misspoke”, and “she would never say or think anything like that”.  Yeah, and there really was sniper fire on the tarmac in Bosnia.

This Freud guy had this theory.  And we coined the phrase “Freudian slip” from it.  She SAID it, ergo she has THOUGHT it.  There is nothing that people desperate for the glory, the spotlight, the “achievement of destiny”, would not do.  She wanted to be a war hero, so she spewed out the sniper fire in Bosnia thing.  She wanted to achieve a stunning comeback, so she became Rocky Balboa.  She wanted to kneecap Barack Obama, ergo she became Tanya Harding.

The woman is obsessed with being President of the United States of America.  As an example of the Clintons obsession, their duplicitousness, let’s look at the Michigan and Florida delegate-seating issue.  Read what the pundits wrote:

“Clinton’s sense of urgency about seating the delegates from those states, of course, is also rooted in her desire to move ahead in the popular vote. The Democratic National Committee sanctioned both states for moving their primaries up on the calendar in violation of party rules. Although neither candidate campaigned in Florida, Clinton ran up a big margin over Obama there, and she won the Michigan primary after Obama removed his name from the ballot.”

People are leaving the Clinton bandwagon right and left.  Many, “out of respect” are waiting for her to exit gracefully, before unifying the Party effort by joining Obama’s campaign.  Read what the pundits report:

“Members of the Clinton inner-circle said that as the campaign has dragged on, her group of confidantes has grown smaller. One senior adviser normally privy to major decisions said it is unlikely that anyone beyond campaign manager Maggie Williams and attorney Cheryl Mills is having concrete discussions with Clinton about her strategy going forward.”

What strategy?  Wait for something bad to happen to the black guy is NOT the way to win legacies….those words you used to describe what happened to the visionary we supported back in 1968, well we just wished you hadn’t uttered them….

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!


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