8-PAC Editor: An Open Letter of Appeal to Senator Hillary Clinton ~ Editorial

The world is always rolling between our legs… – Quote from John Hodgen poem, “Forgiving Buckner”


Dear Senator Clinton:

In order for you to get the democratic nomination for the presidency, Senator Obama must commit a Bill Buckner…

Context: On October 25, 1986, the Boston Red Sox faced the New York Mets in game 6 of the World Series. Boston led the best-of-7 series 3 games to 2, and had a two-run lead with two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning. New York came back to tie the game with three straight singles off Calvin Schiraldi and a wild pitch by pitcher Bob Stanley. Mookie Wilson fouled off several pitches before hitting a ground ball to Buckner at first base. The ball rolled under Buckner’s glove, through his legs, and into right field, allowing Ray Knight to score the winning run, forcing a seventh game, which the Mets won.

We here at the 8-PAC Eagle don’t believe this will realistically happen, however. Therefore, we respectfully request that you stop the vitriol of misogyny and sexism and focus on the business of a respectable exit strategy. Despair and sadness over the imminent loss of the democratic nomination is one thing, but stirring your base to resentment goes too far – and might prove fatal to the Democratic Party in November.

Despite your being a woman, you have established a unique Brand that transcends your gender. Sadly enough, the former President Clinton has proven to be toxic to the purity of your noble symbolism; while your most recent statements have taken our country back to a time we wish not to return.

For this reason we, switching to a basketball context, ask that if you must continue to play the game; that you play good defense, but don’t foul. Perhaps then there may be a Cabinet-Level position for you in the Obama Administration.


Rudy Sutherland|Chairman & Editor|8-PAC Eagle

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Rudy Sutherland, 8-PAC Editor said it well. In essence, Rudy said: “Hillary Clinton, you opened up a lot of doors that had not been opened. And, you broke a glass ceiling all to smithereens. You done good.

    Now, before you blow it all on this misguided mission of self-destruction, get your hindparts off the field. Let us finish, together, what we started-together.

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