Olbermann: Clinton, you invoked a political nightmare ~ Videotorial

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Videotorial| “Referencing RFK’s assassination as a reason for staying in the race is unforgiveable” – Olbermann


By Keith Olbermann | Anchor, ‘Countdown’ | MSNBC

“Senator Clinton, you actually used the word ‘assassination’ in a time when there is a fear, unspoken but vivid and terrible, that our again-troubled land and fractured political landscape might target a black man running for president,” Keith Olbermann says in his Special Comment.


Most Americans Are Concerned Someone Will Try to Harm Obama

By ABC News polling director Gary Langer

Why such sensitivity on the subject of assassinations when Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., is involved? Are the American people more concerned someone will try to harm Obama than, say, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., his likely general election opponent?


According to the ABC News/Washington Post poll from March 2, 59 percent of Americans said they were concerned “that someone might attempt to physically harm Barack Obama if he’s the Democratic nominee for president.”

“Very” concerned was 24 percent.

83 percent of African-Americans were concerned.

Fewer than half of the American people — 27 percent — said they were concerned someone might attempt to physically harm McCain, with 10 percent saying they were very concerned.


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