We don’t want to own a job.  We want to own businesses“. ~ Wilfong

We promised we’d talk about the dreadful state of “under-development” that the Black, and minority community is in. That was back on May 18th.

Well, we got side-tracked a bit by this campaign 2008 thing.  There was a whole lot of nitpicking.  And, we got involved.  We don’t apologize, not at all. Recognize it or not, P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S have had a lot to do with “the state of development of the community”, or the lack thereof.  Politics helped dig this “hole” in which we find ourselves.  And, politics is gonna help dig us out.

Egregious tax policies, rules and regulations; shipping of jobs overseas; lack of equal access to capital; lack of maximum practicable utilization of firms owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. These all have something to do with the negativity that evolves around the lack of economic development of the black community.

We’re involved, deeply involved in the National Elections 2008.  We expect that “Hope” and “Change” will not be allowed to be “just words”.  We hope that folk don’t get so involved in the “politics” that they forget what “politics” are supposed to be about.   Tip O’Neill, legendary Speaker of the House once said, “All politics are local.”  We fully subscribe to that theory.  We feel what’s good for the community, is good for the country.  We feel what’s good for the Black community, is good for the Hispanic community, the Asian community, and the non-minority community.  What’s good for the working class white worker is good for the non-white working class community.

We don’t want to get tied up with “affirmative action” programs, versus “non-affirmative” action by some.  We don’t want to own a job.  We want to own businesses.  We see entrepreneurship, and business ownership as a key to a lot of the problems revolving around the underdevelopment of the community.  We want to control the businesses that create the jobs, rather than be at their mercy.

Right now, it seems that we’re between a rock and a hard place.  We’re gonna talk about WHY that is, as seen from our perspective.  And, we’re gonna talk about HOW to change that, again, from our perspective.  Is politics involved?  Absolutely. Both, as to cause and remedy.
We don’t propose that our summations are the absolute answer.  But, they are the best we can come up with.  We’ll delve into the issues as we’ve experienced them, as we’ve lived them.  We welcome suggestions and discussion, after a certain point.  We don’t mind serious discussion.  But we hate idle chit-chat.  We do not suffer fools, too well, and we do not deal with ignorant people at all.
Economic Empowerment, Economic Parity, Entrepreneurship…….just words?….we don’t think so….

Black CPAs – and their fight for growth is a key issue in our future. They could be our eyes and ears, and “nose” for following the “Dollar Trail”…  McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy, LLP, Mooris, Davis & Chen, Williams, Adley & Company, these are some of the quality firms we list as our potential sources of hope and change.  We must help them break the shackles of antiquated size standards imposed by the United States government, so they can help us break the shackles of community development, imposed by various sources.

We’ll be building a base, then constructing a lasting program to help us achieve economic parity….


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