We don’t propose that our summations are the absolute answer.  But, they are the best we can come up with.” – Wilfong

How do we create economic viability in the Black Community?  Through Capitalism.  How do we create and enhance Capitalism?  Through Entrepreneurship.  It’s all very simple to us.  But, it’s gonna need some ‘splaining to some folk.  So, let us begin.  A few subjects we’ll be dealing with at the start.

Economic Empowerment, Economic Parity, Entrepreneurship…….just words?….we don’t think so….

Building the Perfect 8(a) Program — not impossible, but it’s gonna be hard as hell.

The Editor of 8-PAC, Rudy Sutherland published an outstanding piece as a “Prelude” to our piece on Community Development to Capitalism.  It ought be prerequisite reading for our course.  And, so, we declare it as such. As we lead into our presentation, and to get a rhythm going, we offer our response to one of our more astute Netters.  It appeared in 8-PAC yesterday morning.

We wrote:

To Stephanie M.,

You’re absolutely right S., folk come to “our country” with the idea of “Capitalism”, strong in their minds. They may not know it, exactly as that. But, they do know, “If I don’t get some money I ain’t gonna make it.” We, many of us, have lived here for years and we don’t quite get it. “The life that we’ve become accustomed to living, requires money, a lot of money.”

That stuff ya’ll call money, is “capital”. The process of making it is called “capitalism”.

Now whether you “own” the job or whether you own the business determines the end of capitalism you’re on. If you “own the job”, then you’re subject to the wishes of the person who owns the business. The owner of the business determines IF the job continues to exist. And, quiet as it’s kept, the owner of the business decides where that job is done.

If the owner wishes the business to be in California, then the job goes with it-to California. If the business owner decides that the business is better served by the job being done elsewhere (like overseas) then, that’s where the job is done.

That’s a quick fix on the start of our dissertation on Capitalism. If we are to truly learn how to best use it (Capitalism) for the betterment of our economic development, we need to start with the difference between owning a job (furnished by a business) or owning the business which decides whether the job exists.”


Over the next few weeks, we’re gonna talk about the dreadful state of “under-development” that the Black and minority community is in.  We’re gonna talk about WHY that is, as seen from our perspective.  And, we’re gonna talk about HOW to change that, again, from our perspective.  Is politics involved?  Absolutely.  Both, as to cause and remedy.

We don’t propose that our summations are the absolute answer.  But, they are the best we can come up with.  We’ll delve into the issues as we’ve experienced them, as we’ve lived them.  We welcome suggestions and discussion, after a certain point.  We don’t mind serious discussion.  But we don’t have time for bullshit.  We do not suffer fools, too well, and we do not deal with ignorant people at all.

Just to let you know……

The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    We are in a state of disrepair. The ship is sinking. We need a major “recovery project”. CAPITALISM through entrepreneurship is the answer.

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