MAY 9, 2008 5:39 AM EST


We came back from campaigning in North Carolina on a “high” almost.  We saw the best of America on display, as we attended that tremendous interracial, diverse crowd of old and young, Black-White-Asian-Native American-Latino, wealthy and poor, tall and short, learned and unlearned, Democratic and Republican crowd of enthusiastic folk who had come out to hear and see this tall, skinny, brilliant, mixed-race candidate from Illinois tell us why he was running for President of the United States of America. 

That was Friday, of last week.  Wyllene and I spent the next four days walking and driving through the suburbs of Charlotte, NC, talking about, and hearing about that Friday Rally and about the “different kind of campaign” Barack Obama was waging, as he toured the Nation.  And, we talked a lot about “The New South” and what his candidacy meant in the future of America, and “The Hope and Change” it represented.

What a glorious feeling we had as the results of our hard work and teamwork poured in.  And, the results of the hard work and teamwork that our folk over in Indiana had achieved.  Little did we know how that would change, in a couple of days, as the political realities set in.  We should have had a clue as the face of the other candidate’s husband’s face changed visibly and dramatically, during her “victory speech” in Indiana.  As she started out, she was leading handily in the vote count.  Even as she spoke, however, there were slight, but steady changes in the vote counting results.  We are sure that the changes we were noticing, he was being told about, as his wife (the candidate) spoke on.

Switch forward to yesterday, and the “USA Today Report” of the candidate’s interview with them.  The political realities had set in.  We heard an entirely different “spokesperson” yesterday.  This was a more “politically-changed” person.  This was a person intent upon changing the rules of engagement of a campaign we had been promised was gonna be more “civil”.  The other day she threatened to “nuke” Iran.  Yesterday, she “nuked” Barack Obama.

Today, we call for a “Division of the House”.  The absolute Roberts Rules of Order may be a little different than the way we used it back in the day. Back in the 60s and 70s, when we had something that was sticking in our craw, and needed to be discussed, “for the good of the body”, we called for a “Division of the House”.  We would actually physically move to one side or other of the facility.  And, in the end, “the House”, usually came back together, after we had “vetted”.

Back in the day, I’m not sure we understood, really understood what “vetting” was.  But, now we do.  So, now we’re gonna speak about some things that we have on our minds.  And, after this, we will not speak of them again.  Hopefully, we will come together.  But, then, maybe some of us will have to leave “this house” and find other lodging.

This one candidate, and others have talked to us a lot-actually preached a lot- that this “vetting” they’re doing is good for this “untried”, “untested”, “mystery man” from Illinois.  After all, they said, “He will have to face this from those Republicans, in The Fall.”  And, they used this to help us understand the political realities that had set in.   Alright, fair is fair.  Now, let us tell her what “She will face as she faces with Republican, should she be the nominee.”

First thing is this.  Based upon certain significant utterances from her, AND her husband, it’s almost a certainty that she’s gonna be facing a number of US, in the Fall.  That is if SHE is the nominee.  Why?  Let’s take some words directly from her mouth.  Words that were printed in the media, that USA article in particular.  There were some words her husband is to have said, in private, which were passed on to us.  We shall not repeat them here.  But, they will be repeated amongst us.  They will not be “forgotten”, nor “forgiven”.  And, in the Fall, they will be repeated and repeated.  

The “White woman candidate” for the Democratic nominee has made it very clear what her heritage, and her affinity is.  Read the USA Today report of the interview.  You determine how you would classify the person who spoke there.  We almost thought we were sitting back in the day when folk used words like “you people” and “those people”.  And, they paternalistically called us “our good Negroes”, and stuff like that.  Hey, we “divided the house”, we’re just “vetting'”.

In the Fall, madam, you’re gonna hear about a lot more digging and hurtful things that others may “try” to talk about, but the Republicans are particularly adept at.  The Republicans will talk about your “womanizing husband”.  And, while we won’t go there (not even in a divided house), be prepared for them to talk about you and your supposed “doings”.  And, by the way, if they don’t have “facts”, they’ve been known to create them.

One set of facts they won’t have to create , though, is, your working for the San Francisco law firm back in the 70s, and specifically your work in defense of Bobby Seale, Co-founder of The Black Panther Party, in that murder trial.  We know you don’t talk about that part of your life.  But, they will in the Fall. We don’t know if it’s true or not.  But, let us ask, are there any pictures of you in the background as Angela Davis and her magnificent Afro are in the foreground? 

What is that list that Sally Quinn ran off in her article: Connie Hamzy, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderi,  Paula Jones and finally Monica Lewinsky.  How ya’ll gonna deal with that?  We know that Chelsea has been able to fend off questions during the primary with a “that’s none of your business”, and “we won’t discuss that, here”.  Is the term “Swift boating” familiar to you?

We are not so worried about you as a candidate.  We’re more and more convinced that you will NOT be the Democratic candidate.  But, do you realize how difficult you make it for others to clean up the dirty work you’ve already done on behalf of the Republicans?  You’ve made a good case for them to go over to-what were the words you used- “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans”.  You’ve provided a relative “safe haven” for these “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans” to not vote for “the black guy”.  And, you have established a new standard of “lowness” to which opponents can go.

“The pattern has been clear and consistent to some party leaders. Last week, according to the Washington Post, James Clyburn — who as House Majority Whip remains neutral and is the highest ranking Black member of Congress — accused the Clintons of marginalizing Black voters. Referring to this strategy in another interview, Clyburn said that “Nothing in this campaign has been by accident.”

Congressman Clyburn warned that “black people are incensed” over the divisiveness of the Clinton strategy and that it threatens an irreparable breach between Black people and the Democratic Party. He’s right. And if superdelegates hand Clinton a victory despite her defeat among voters, they will be condoning and rewarding that strategy.”

And, if the Democratic Party does this, it will surely inherit the wind and tear the Party apart.

Change is a comin’…the politics of old are gonna be gone…..


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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    It looks like the Democratic Party has “got it”. It appears that the Party leaders, as represented by the super delegates, will not overrule the will of the elected delegates. Anyway you want to count it, even if you invent new matrixes, Obama has clearly proved that he is the candidate we folk of “Hope and Change” want running the country for the next 4 years.

    We’re confident that as change comes, and the political gridlock of old is dispelled, Barack Obama will lead the Democratic Party into “four more years”. As for me, this long-time Republican, who crossed over to support Obama, it looks like I may be coming back home.

    But, for now, let’s get ready for John McCain.

    YES WE CAN!!!!!!

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