MAY 8, 2008 6:40 AM EST



[Note from the Editor: See Wilfong’s Corner for the Reprieve]

As we wind down to the end of the political campaigning the political realities set in.  As we reflect on the outstanding display of hard work and teamwork that resulted in the resounding victory by Barack Obama in North Carolina, the political realities set in.  Watch what is going on as the Clintons wind down a campaign that should been closed out some months ago.  As we watch the well-run, efficient and effective Obama campaign on the one hand, we also watch a sputtering, high-spending campaign on the other.

Now, the political realities set in….

We hear, now, of the fact that the Clintons having loaned themselves another $6.4 million, so that could continue the campaign of “building the Clinton Legacy”.   Hey, we got no problem with the Clintons spending their money doing whatever they choose to do.  After all, it is their money, which they loaned to themselves.  That they spent on flying expensive fuel-consuming planes around the country.  But, they ought to think about the sincere “little folk” that they say they love so much. Many of them may be using milk money, or health insurance money, or high-priced gas money to help finance the Clinton folly.

Now, the political realities set in….

The United States broke Russia, in the arms race, back during the Reagan days. Perhaps we can break the Clintons in their quest to continue to seek a specious road to the White house.  A road that is likely to read “Dead End”.  Obama has a truly outstanding system of a lot of little people giving a little money, time after time.  We were led to believe that the Clintons had replicated that.  As we watched them talk about being outspent 3:1 and 4:1, it should have told us something.  We should have known they were greasing the pots themselves.  We thought that surely, the win they scored in Pennsylvania had opened up the spigots.  We thought that “little folk” were flocking to the Clinton camp and supplying the mother milk of politics to a Clinton campaign that they loved and supported.  After all, that was what the Clinton machine told us, or at least led us to believe.

Then, The blow-out in North Carolina, and the near-upset in Indiana.  Nobody but the Clintons would have taken the Rush Limbaugh “Republican two-step” in Indiana as a legitimate reason to continue a ego-driven, seriously flawed campaign. Obviously the cash-flushed Clintons can afford to pop millions of dollars into the campaign that is essentially brain-dead.   The whole Clinton family camped out in North Carolina over the last extended weekend.  Could they not “feel the heat in the kitchen”?  Could they have really thought they could out-fight the finest political ground troops ever assembled?

Now, the political realities set in…..    

We still hear them talk about Barack Obama having no “executive experience”.  Do they not know Management 101.  “The art of getting things done through the efforts of others.”  We consider him a masterful commander in chief of that well-oiled political mechanism that clobbered them in North Carolina, and scared them to death in Indiana.  Barack Obama has run an efficient, cost effective, $400 million political campaign, the likes of which, many of us have never seen.  It didn’t just happen.  It was caused to happen.  Maybe the biggest asset it has, is its stability.  Obama has had the same set of managers “from Day One”.  The fact that folk stay on, and stay on, is testimony to the capability of the CEO to bring folk together, and keep them happy.

Now, the political realities set in

We understand that some folk, in seeking a concession for the Clintons to close up the campaign, will ask the Obama campaign to pay off the Clinton campaign debts.  If that happens don’t insult those of us who contributed to Obama, by repaying the Clintons for “ego money” they loaned themselves in the folly of a campaign that’s been “brain-dead” for some while now.  Even if we didn’t know their financial straits, the Clintons did.  Did they not teach Economics 101 at Yale?  Did they not learn: “If your out-go exceeds your income. then your upkeep will be your downfall.”

Now, the political realities set in…..

Okay, we don’t like it, but we probably will have to accept it.  We may have to bail-out the Clintons from the abyss they dug themselves into. We got a National campaign to win.  But, in one finally plea for sanity, let us make a suggestion.  The Clintons still have a LOT of money in their personal assets chest.  If the Clintons truly believe, what they say they believe, that there are voices out there that need to be heard, then, why don’t they loan  themselves another 30 million or so, and continue their personal legacy-building campaign?  It’s called “self-financing”.  And, it’s a respectable American tradition.

One rhetorical question-Have the Clintons no decency……

Change is a comin’…

YES WE CAN!!!!!!


The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!



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