MAY 7, 2008 5:55 PM EST


HARD WORK and TEAMWORK PAYS OFF………..  Hard work does pay off.  Adversity creates opportunity.  Just win, baby, win.  We held them at El Alemain.  All kinds of slogans run through our heads this morning after the voting results of last night served to vindicate the hope for change we had felt was endangered by some of the “stuff” that occurred over the last month or so.

Last night indicated what can happen when you put out the finest ground troop campaign we’ve ever seen in political annuls.  We would not let adversity prevail in North Carolina last night.  And, in the doing we almost “stole” Indiana.  Barack Obama won North Carolina by almost 250,000 votes last night.  And he came within 20,000 votes of taking Indiana.


We came back from N.C., to watch the results at home in Savannah.  Wyllene and I were dead tired, but we dug in, to watch the results on TV.  We fielded phone calls from all over the country, wanting to know of our “firsthand” feeling.  We had one particular conference call from a group of “Very Select Few”.  We answered the “concerns” with on the ground impressions.  We told them not to worry, North Carolina, we said, would be “alright”.

We worried a bit about Indiana. Actually, we worried a lot about Indiana.  We expected to take N.C. by 7-8 points.  But we told them to expect a “double digit” loss in Indiana.

It did not happen, that way.  We won, BIG in North Carolina.  By 14 points it turns out.  And, Indiana, well we almost won that, too.  After The Clinton had their “victory celebration” in Indiana, and called it a day, around 10PM it almost went over to us.  We finally “lost it” by TWO points.  This was at sometime after 1AM before CNN made the official call.

What happened?  Well, the pundits are gonna “splain” it all kinds of ways.  But, Wyllene and I have our own “feel” of what happened.  Over the last 5 days we had the pleasure of being a part of the finest field troop organization we’ve ever seen in politics.  We covered a bunch of blocks, during that period we were in North Carolina.  But, two particular blocks will stand out in our minds.  Two particular blocks will be in our book-when we finally get around to writing it [From the Editor: we’re waiting 🙂 ].

They are, the one where the young kid has his “unofficial racetrack”, and the one where the lady sent word that despite her stroke of a few days ago, she would be out to vote for Obama on the day after we were there. 

One of our CPA friends is Partner in a West Coast CPA firm based in Oakland, California.  Actually, he was my youngest Partner, back in the glory days of the early 70s.  Well, they now have an office in Charlotte.  And, he has built a second home in Charlotte.  We had planned on staying with him during our “visit”.  But, he had to be on the West Coast and a big conference in Vegas until the latter part of this month.  He votes in California.  Nevertheless, his heart was in Charlotte, over this past week, as we recited our day to day activities with him and the small group of CPAs we have all over the country.

The Charlotte Observer endorsement of Barack Obama on Sunday, may well tell it all.  That endorsement was part of the packet that we got out on Monday.  It was our major “talking point”.  Let us quote some of the things the endorsement said. “Do the Democrats need a restoration of the past, or is it time for a change?  We think it’s time for a change.  We recommend a vote for Barack Obama in Tuesday’s primary.” 

They went on to say, a few paragraphs down: “Experience is important, but it’s no substitute for good judgment and the ability to assemble and widely use capable advisers.”

As for Clinton, the Observer praised her overall, but it cited “Concerns about Clinton”: 

” Yet we’re troubled by, to cite a few examples, these aspects of her presidential campaign: Many  supporters seem intent on depicting Sen. Obama as the Jesse Jackson of 2008, a leader who appeals to an ethic minority but not to the broader electorate needed to win. 

Her tendency to tell the voters what they want to hear is disturbing.  Her proposal to suspend the federal tax on gasoline this summer is campaign gimmickry, not leadership.  Her assertion that she was a critic of NAFTA from the beginning is simply unbelievable.  The record shows she was an ardent advocate of the trade deal.

Some Democrats accept that as just the way the political game always has been played.  Perhaps it is.  But is that the best Americans can expect?  We think not.”

Man, how different things might have been if these “points” had been voiced by the Pennsylvania newspapers.  If Wyllene and I had been up there, to help spread the news…

 We spect that time may just about be over for this campaign.  It will be about time.  McCain awaits.  And, we’ll be more than willing to stack “ours” against “his”…..

 Change is a comin’…

 YES WE CAN!!!!!!


 The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!



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