MAY 5, 2008 4:55 PM EST

CAMPAIGNING IN NORTH CAROLINA and COMMITMENT……  Wyllene and I just got back from working the precincts in Gastonia, a suburb of Charlotte.  I want to write up some stuff, while Wyllene goes back out.    Let me tell ya’ll this one little story – that symbolizes it all.    

It shows the kind of “commitment” some folk have to this movement.

As we work a neighborhood, Wyllene takes one side of the street and I take the other.  As I was walking up to a front door a lady was getting into her car in the driveway.  I asked if she was the lady whose name was on the list. She was not.  The lady on the list, had suffered a stroke a few days ago.  This neighbor had come by to see if she needed anything.  I chose not to bother her.

As I walked across the street to give info to some folk that Wyllene had seen, the “neighbor lady” waved me over.  She said the lady inside, wanted me to know that she’d definitely get out to vote for OBAMA tomorrow.   And, that house that Wyllene had been to, is another similar story.  There was one lady on the porch that Wyllene talked with as she was campaigning. By the time I got back there, Wyllene was three or four houses down the street.  In the meanwhile two other older folk had come out on the porch to see “those Obama folk”.  And, they wanted us to know that they were ALL gonna be out voting for Obama tomorrow. 

Now that little cul-de-sac is an indication of how much excitement has been generated around this race.  It is also an indication of how these great “neighborhoods” still exist, here in the South.  These tidy little neighborhoods (out in the suburbs) are the kind of America, I’m used to.  The ones where I learned a lot of the “morals and ethics”, I’ve lived my life by.  The kind of neighborhoods where if I or my sister “got out of place”, we’d get a “switching” from one of the Sisters.  Then, we’d get a “whupping” when we got home, for “making Miss Gertie” switch us. 

A few streets over I almost got run over by a “car”.  This little brother came speeding down the driveway, in his little “one-seater”, oblivious of traffic.  Wasn’t no traffic that he had to worry about.  The neighborhood is obviously used to him.  They do a good job of staying out of his way.  And, so did I.  There was no malice in what he did.  He was on his “racetrack”.  And, I needed to be more careful.  

More tomorrow. Now, I got a run to make.  I want to go back by the “Obama Outpost”, stationed in one of these little country churches.  This one is called Holy Jerusalem.   I’ll tell you, later, about some of the interesting remarks we heard from some of the church folk about Jeremiah Wright. These are some Christian Brothers and Sisters, but man can they “fuss you out” without using the kind of descriptive language some of us use. 

WHEW… Change is a comin’… 

YES WE CAN!!!!!!


The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!


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